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Laundry Buttons

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November 13, 2007


Chrissy Witt

It was a good day!!


You were a better girl than I. We skipped the laundry and went to the park. I will be paying for that today. Oh well, it was a beautiful day.



Your day was much more productive than mine, and I didn't even get to eat Nachos.
I spent the day on the blawgs and shopping on Amazon...which to me was a pretty good day, but the fam? They wanted clean clothes.

More Than A Single Mom

I am thinking your laundry folding is GREAT...and can I give you my address? I have about 6 loads of my own waiting for me.


There are still clothes in my dryer, waiting for me, since Sunday. Laundry is always a step ahead... life gets so much easier when I just accept that.


Wow - you must have had a lot on your mind to forget putting the clothes in the washer. That's funny!

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

Actually, I've run empty loads, too. I told Dave later I was just trying to clean the actual washer.

I don't think he bought it.


Lucky for you, you probably live somewhere that the sun shines more than 8 days a year! Glory in a day filled with accomplishment...and enjoy the sun guilt free tomorrow!


I so understand about the laundry! Have mercy! I'm so behind right now. What happens is I'll do like 15 loads of laundry in a row. Then I'll get totally burnt out and not want to do it for a week. Then I get behind again!

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