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Laundry Buttons

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November 08, 2007



I just recently discovered that Method furniture polish, too. Love the scent! I'll have to try the spray Comet, hadn't seen that.


All good stuff, but I'm STILL not sure I'll be looking forward to cleaning anytime soon. Sigh. Thanks for the tips!


okay. we're twins or something. i use ALL of those cleaning products (except the dawn. i love me the foaming dish soap)!!!

i LOVE that method stuff. that wood-polish-stuff is incredible. it smells sooooo good and makes my old wood stuff we got from grandparents look new!!

Amy F.

I've never tried the Method cleaners, but now I'm intrigued. They're kind of expensive, aren't they? But sounds like they're worth it. The Comet Gel sounds ideal to use for our stainless steel sink as well.


Have you tried the Method Laundry products? I LOVE the fresh one, in the blue and white bottles....


We really like Method products. The grapefruit all-purpose spray smells so fresh. I was tempted to try the cucumber, but hubby loves the grapefruit and insisted we not deviate. That furniture spray rocks--it smells so good (and not in a perfumey fake-scent way). We also use the almond oil floor cleaner (in the squeeze bottle) on our hardwoods. Next I'm going to try the bathroom cleaner. I was waiting to run out of Scrubbing Bubbles first, but I guess I don't clean often enough because it's taken for.ev.er.

Isn't it fun to get geeked out about cleaning products? :oP

Sincerely Anna

I almost bought the Method cleaners just because they're so pretty, and I'm a sucker for good packaging, but I was skeptical if they really worked as well as real live chemicals. So I appreciate the review and now I must go out to Target and buy me some Method and I will love looking at it as well as using it!

still standing

I too have been tempted by the Method brand. Now it's finial. I must cave.


I think you have me talked into trying the Method brand, I didn't even realize it existed! I currently have the Dawn product sitting next to my sink, and personally, I just LOVE walking into the kitchen and smelling the scent of the air freshener on the bottom! I will be buying this product again for sure!

To Think is to Create

I'm a total Method-oholic. I order it from their website since Target doesn't carry everything.


Thanks for posting these ideas. The wood polish does sound like it smells amazing. That is going to be added to my list today for sure. Not that I am cleaning or anything, but for when I get back into it, of course. The Method brand has such awesome smelling products. Love them much-o!

And I actually think that soap/air freshener is a lame idea. Sorry Dawn.

Jenny from Chicago

We cannot be friends any more if you are going to start this line of posting. I just can't take it....just can't.


Here's a question- do you think teh MEthod would work to clean soap scum off my shower doors? Maybe the Comet gel would work better. I can't get ANYTHING to work - well for more than two days then it's back!


I have the wood cleaner and I LOVE it. The smell is sort of almondy, I think.

A little off-topic, but: have you tried the Method handsoaps? Yummy, yummy smells.

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