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Laundry Buttons

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November 24, 2007



I just ate a piece myself, funny, great minds think alike!

Fresh Girl

Mmm, that looks good. We had cheesecake, too -- chocolate swirl. It was yummy, but I'm swearing off any more of it!


Tempting, but I think we're on yoghourt tonight as the fridge is looking a bit bare.
Yours, old mother hubbard


I bet more paper plates are used this weekend in American than any other weekend of the year. Nobody wants to rinse or wash another plate or dish again for a VERY LONG TIME. ;) We had our leftover turkey sammies on paper plates tonight.

Misty Dawn

Yummmmm that looks SO good!

Katiebod (Roses are Red, Violets are Violet)

My lands. Is that icing on top? More cream cheese? I think I need a moment.


New Diva on the Blog

Looks yummy!
With the exception of Thanksgiving dinner, all our meals have looked like this for the past week (paper and plastic I mean) and will look like that until Thursday.

Laura McIntyre

Yummy, not i want cake for lunch. And no dish washing is always a bonus

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