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November 30, 2007


Adventures In Babywearing

Even though I normally blog every day, just the fact that NaBloPoMo was staring me down made me not want to blog at all. Why we do that?


Amy F.

All I have to say is "drunko?" You're awesome for coming up with that term :-)

To Think is to Create

So glad it's the end! I can't understand why I was so crabby about being "required" to post, but I think it has to do with my aversion to any and all authority. Possibly.


I am with you sista. I am so blogged out but sadly I will probably continue to post almost everyday (because I am a dork like that). Anyway, found your blog from Chased by Children and so glad I did.

Lisa B @ simply His

Preachin' to the choir Sister! Preachin' to the choir!

I am SO taking the weekend off from blogging -- well, probably :D

Lisa B.


Yes our 30 days are over! I also will continue to post probably daily I rather enjoyed it. I just didn't like feeling "pressured" to have to do it! I also have the authority issues!!



LOVE your response to your sister! I snorted outloud. I'm glad it's over too. Can't wait to see your decorations on the 15th! :)


Christmas explosion at my house this weekend too....what else can a woman do in December during an ice storm?

Misty Dawn

WoooooHoooooo Yay for you! We did it! rah rah rah


Congrats, you did it!!!


OMG I was totally laughting when I read this. Just this morning I told my kids that we are going to get the house ready for Christmas. and Brighten (my oldest,4) I told him that he can pick out what he wanted to much on, His choice, TACO BELL!!!!!


You did a great job!!!!! Love the new page design. You have to continue to post daily, I need the laughs!!!


Found you on the NaBlo prize page. I'm very jellooos of your iTunes gift card. Guess I'll head out to Walgreen's tonight to buy my own. Congratulations!

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