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November 28, 2007


To Think is to Create

What a beauty. :)


Happy Birthday Brian!

It's so nice of him to share his b-day gift with the whole family!

Adventures In Babywearing

Happy Birthday to him! Now I'm dreaming about that Coldstone Cake- sounds yummy!


Amy F.

You weren't joking around about how massive your new tv is. Probably fun to play the Wii on. Well, I'm glad the whole family can benefit from Brian's b-day present.
Happy Birthday, Brian!

Sincerely Anna

Now that's a gift! Happy Birthday to Brian.


Well happy birthday to Brian! The trick with the basement thing is to make him think he needs a finished basement, he'll think it was all his idea. he can put exercise room down there, pool table, whatever to get him to really love the idea!

By the way I LOVE Cold Stone Creamery!

Misty Dawn

Freaking WOW!!! I wish my husband would go buy himself a gift like that!

Rhen (yestheyareallmine)

Nice present!!!

Happy Birthday Brian. I have been at 31 for about 6 months now and it is nice. No one asking me how I like being 30. LOL


Oh my gosh! That is just so funny! Great present for him (and everyone!) LOL!

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