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December 20, 2007


Veronica Mitchell

Nothing rong with thet.

To Think is to Create

I'm embarrassed at how much I enjoyed that show this week...I'm obviously delirious from not having any new shows thanks to the strike.

Lachey was too cute, and I knew that "flight of the bumble bee" would send them over the top.


Good catch! That's too funny.

Nick Lachey....mmmm...Nick Lachey.


I don't even know who Nick Lachey is, but I am delighted to see a typo on network TV. Maybe I could get a job at one of the big three! Wait, do I want a job at one of the big three?

Adventures In Babywearing

I wanted to watch and missed it. Bah. What else is on that is good? I need something to watch.



I'm embarrassed to admit that I watched that show for the entire 2 hour finale last night and never noticed the misspelled January. This would typically drive me crazy! Hmm...maybe I should get my eyes checked! :) Have a great Christmas!


Okay, so I sat there looking at the ad trying to figure out what was spelled wrong, for a minute or so. I thought, you were referring to Premieres, and I thought, um..that's spelled correctly. I even double checked. I thought about seeing if anyone commented asking you what you you were speaking of. I saw that Biggest, Loser and Couples were also spelled properly. And then I saw the mistake. Okay, but it seriously took me a moment. That's sad. I think my children have depleted my brain cells.


Wow, watched the whole thing also and never caught that error. I think that after seeing Nick so many times I was sitting in my chair, staring at the T.V. with drool coming out of my mouth going, "buh, buh buh buh buh buhhhhhhh....."

Jenny from Chicago

Who is Jay and how did he get his own month? I like the sound of JanuJenny? Whaddya think?

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