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December 21, 2007


SAHMmy Says

I'm sure he'll be so excited about all the other toys he'll forget he asked for the boxing gloves! Thankfully my son made a generic "Star Wars and Spiderman toys" request. Done and done. Merry Christmas!


Santa is SOOOOOOO awesome!!! Your kids are beautiful.


Oh you are hilarious! With the speaking bubbles and all. Very good! Your children ARE beautiful. Their hair is even nice a combed and smooth... that is SOMETHING! I'm impressed. Have a wonderful, relaxed Merry Christmas, continue your theme in 2008 - it suits you (but blog more often. somehow.)


Your kids are beautiful as always ...... boxing gloves huh??? I'm thinking maybe next year. It could be worse. My daughter wants a "real magical wand from Santa, not like one of the fake ones I have." Can you tell me where Santa can get one of those?

Chrissy Witt

Merry Christmas, how wonderful a great, relaxing weekend, just AWESOME! The boxing gloves, you will figure out or he won't want them any longer! My oldest was given several different types of boxing gloves at young ages and they always proved to be fun, not a weapon, but that is how they were used in our house, for fun!!

New Diva on the Blog

Great pictures and awesome captions. Congratualations on the relaxed theme you are going with this year. I plan to implement that tonight and for the rest of the break.

Merry Christmas!

Sincerely Anna

So cute! Merry Christmas!


Hilarious! Very cute. Merry Christmas!


Um, your word bubbles were rich. I loved them very, very much because they made me feel like I was there. My favorite was Santa looking at Racecar when he said, "you'll shoot your eye out, kid".

Merry Christmas!!!!

Rhonda (Mimi)

OMG...what awesome pictures...you need to have this published on a comic page in the newspaper...so cute! Your children are so beautiful!


Dear Beth, my fellow Nikon lover, it was a good Christmas eve. I think letting me use your zoom lens was good luck.Whoo-hoo, I got one too!

I had to share my good news.

Have a wonderful Christmas


I am with you on the "dead blog" syndrome. Maybe you've already noticed? Anyways, I am not worried about it either. We enjoyed our holidays more this year than in a long time. Except for Christmas day. It was utterly exhausting!!! And I am looking forward to a time when I can see the tops of my kitchen counters again, minus the toys that I still haven't found a home for yet. I'm sure we'll see more of each other in '08!

Btw...great Santa shots! :)

passionate housewife

I came back to find out if your little guy got his boxing gloves for Christmas...apparently not. I'm sure he had a wonderful Christmas despite that! Your pictures are hilarious.
Its always a good idea to follow your gut as a mother, though I was one of the ones on the "get them for him" sides...teehee.
Every mother knows their own child best and what they are able to handle.
Happy New year to you and yours!

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