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December 17, 2007


Ornery's Wife

Very fun tour. Loved the picture of your kids at the end. TM


I love the wreath! And the big tree!
And I have way to many memories of Christmas card photo shoots gone terribly wrong, so the last picture made me smile!


I love your Fontanini nativity. Beautiful picture of your wreathe too. Thanks for sharing-Merry Christmas!

kari and kijsa

Love your nativity and that wreath with the "Blessings" on it...FABULOUS!

Merry Christmas blessings to you,

kari and kijsa


WOW, okay, I'm jealous of the snow! There. It's out in the open.

Your home is lovely - the wreath is just stunning - LOVE it!

And what a CUTE picture of your kids. It just says "Christmas Joy!"

Merry Christmas!


Thank you so much for the tour! Your tree is beautiful and I love the nativity scene. The Christmas card picture is the best though. Classic :)


very pretty all of it.. Thank you for sharing
Merry Christmas

Amy F.

I think all of your decorations are absolutely beautiful...very classy/not too cluttered. And the tree is incredible. I love the wreath as well. So, did you get a decent picture or just a comical one for the Christmas card? Either way the kids are adorable.

Miss Patti

Looks great

Sincerely Anna

I love your wreath! And the last picture of Ariel and Racecar cracked me up!!

Robin (the pensieve one)

It's understandable why you love your wreath--it's BEAUTIFUL! They send such a welcoming message to visitors, don't they?

And nativity sets have always held a special place in my heart--for their spiritual tie and for their simplistic beauty; yours is among the loveliest I've ever laid eyes on.

Love your little babies in the last shot...gosh, these pictures are the costliest treasures we'll ever have, huh? :)

Joyful Days

Your house is so sweet. Love the photo of the kids! It's so much more fun when it's someone else's being helpful. But those are the good memories that stay in our hearts.




You have such great taste. I bought that EXACT dress for my little girl. And our picture taking session was about the same. Must be the dress ;-)

BEAUTIFUL house!!! Thanks for sharing!

Fresh Girl

Oh, I'm crazy about that wreath! So pretty. Everything else is, too. The last shot is great -- our family picture we took at Thanksgiving looked a little bit like that at the end. ;)

Merry Christmas!


CUTE. Oh, and here's a plate of cookies. I think I heard somewhere that you like them. ;-)


Thanks for the with and without flash shots of your wreath. Amazing how they each highlight different parts, isn't it? We did the same technique with the jack-o-lanterns because I couldn't decide which I liked more!
Your home is beautiful. Enjoy the season!


Very festive! (I especially love the wreath too) Have a wonderful holiday season, Beth! I hope Santa is good to you - you deserve it!


I love your blog title!! Your Christmas home is so pretty and I especially like the snow as we haven't had so much as a flurry here in three years! Your wreath is beautiful.
Merry Christmas,

Michelle @ Princess At Heart

How nice to have real snow for Christmas!! Your home is beautiful and festive. I love your wreath!! Merry Christmas!

Mrs Jules

Love your wall o'stockings!

Hyperactive Lu

Beautiful! Loved the wreaths!


ok, lmao at the Christmas picture of the kids...it's how it goes, right?

Your house looks amazing. We had a 12 ft, NO LIE, at my old house...I needed a ladder to decorate it.


Very fun! I enjoyed the tour!! And I love the wreath...so pretty!! (I would also have to fight the urge to rearrange the candy canes...my poor kids! LOL!)

Lady Why

I am in love with that wreath!!!!! Where did you get it?? Inquiring minds want to know!


TOO cute! I lovelovelove the wreath as well..it's just gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your home and munchkins with us! Sorry I didn't bring any cookies...

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