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January 30, 2008


Megan (FriedOkra)

Hee... you make us sound like a bunch of (knocked-up) lemmings! But yes, I know! Reading Katie and Anna's stories and following their journeys has been one of the BEST, most enriching things about my blogging life so far. Just knocks my little old socks right off.

Also, check out Learning Patience for another amazing adoption story that just keeps blessing me with more things to learn and love about adoption. Zowie!

Sincerely Anna

Thanks for the love. I had not read Katie's blog until tonight - how can I thank you enough for this post? Reading her story was just the boost I needed!


Thanks for pointing prayers towards Sincerely Anna. That is one of my favorite blogs (can't remember how I found it months and months ago) and its been so exciting its almost scary as things have worked out for her this time. We'll keep praying and hope all goes well.


Boy do you bring some friends with you when you visit... thanks for the link love, my friend. I'm so lucky to be able to share my lil guy with so many folks. He truly is a blessing!!! Now I can't wait to meet your new lil ones. How exciting!

Liza's Eyeview

OK, this post is making me want to get pregnant, or adopt ...

Nice blog-meeting those ladies you mentioned. Thanks.

Justice Jones

You are right, everyone seems to be preggers, and while I'm so happy for everyone, I'm getting scared for myself! :)
Okay, kidding. But really, I couldn't imagine.

Praying for Anna and her baby.

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