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January 30, 2008



I'm starving now and definitely having a Whopper for lunch!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly @ Love Well

Oh the fickleness of cravings. When I'm pregnant, McChickens are the very food of the gods to me. When I finally cave to the desire to get one (and it's on the $1 McValue McMenu, for cryin' out loud), I wolf it down before I even leave the parking lot. I'm not sure my taste buds even know it passed my lips.


Oh, I hear you! I love your blog, and being pregnant, I feel like you put down EXACTLY what I am feeling! Oh, onions, how I love you while we are together for that brief moment, but afterwards....oh, curse you, Onions!

BTW, I love to come by just to read you blog title. I feel like Homer Simpson. "Nachos, mmmmmmm"


When I was pregnant with my third, I craved them like crazy and I could've eaten a whopper every single day. They tasted so good.
Since then, I think I've only been to a BK like 3 or 4 times in six years! I guess my taste for them was satisfied.


Is it bad that I have cravings like that and am not pregnant? What will happen to me when I am? Will I survive said cravings? will I be 300 lbs of gooey french fry deliciocity...probably. Very funny post.

Dawn @ Baby Addiction

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH, I love Whoppers! I like to rationalize that a Whopper Junior is not as lard-packed as the original, so I can indulge without the guilt. My hips didn't get that memo...

Sincerely Anna

I loved the line "BUT..okay" And now I want Burger King like nobody's business.


That happens to me too with this pregnancy!! Chocolate makes me sick (literally) and I still snarf it down and then spend the rest of the night suffering.

Man, now I want a hamburger.

Megan (FriedOkra)

Yes ma'am on the onion thing. They aren't all that bad going down but they STAY AROUND and TASTE ABSOLUTELY REPULSIVE afterwards. It's sooooooo weird. I wonder if it'll be like that the whole time or go away in a few weeks? How's your nausea, by the way?


I thought I was the only one on the planet that liked ketchup on Arby's roast beef. Well, except my Gram and I got it from her. I don't like ketchup on normal roast beef, just the processed, salty roast beef-like goodness from Arbys. Mmmm.... Arbys.

Besides, spaghetti is overrated.

Veronica Mitchell

I remember my very first craving in my very first pregnancy. For days I felt a taste in my mouth but could not figure out what it was. It was salsa. I finally bought a can and some chips and went home and sat in the corner where I hoped my husband wouldn't see me and I ate half the jar with a spoon. Did not need chips.

He found me. He still teases me.


Next time you'll cook I'm sure. Sorry the whopper didn't turn out to be as good as you dreamed it would be.

Rhonda (Mimi)

This is so funny. Not the part about you getting sick though. I usually order the whopper Jr. when I crave whoppers.


Yep been there. Those preg months are HARD! Trying to find that balance to help you feel good. Good luck! And even more good job for starting dinner.

To Think is to Create

Gotta love that snail's pace pregnancy digestion...


You poor thing! Well lesson learned!

Twisted Cinderella

Boy do I understand! This pregnancy, breakfast hits me that way EVERY SINGLE MORNING!

Mmmmm . . . now I want a nice big burger!


I have a huge admission to make..The only thing I could keep down in my first weeks 8wk-18wks) of my twin pregnancy and wonderful MS were Whopper jr's. I think the babies really need something those burgers have!! After the MS ended I had no more whopper cravings. But I say at least once a week indulge!! You need the iron in the meat right? And with twins that eat your calories up like you won't believe!!! And you do need to eat all you can these first couple of trimesters because theres just no room left to eat in the last one...even though this is when I seem to be gaining all my weight.

Misty Dawn

I LOVE Whoppers - they are my ultimate favorite. Just reading it makes me start shaking and wanting one

The Queen Mommy

Yeah - my husband was astonished by the speed at which I could demolish a burger - Whopper, Big Mac, BBQ Western Cheeseburger, whatever - and with my first daughter, it was all I craved - morning, noon & night. Sorry to hear about the onions {shudder}... Glad you're feeling better now!


I got food poisoning by a Whopper once. My son decided he would start walking that very weekend. Needless to say I was frazzled and dehydrated. That was after I had lost my baby weight and was skinny. I really do think a little junk in the trunk keeps your immunes in check...at least that is my excuse now, 12 years later.

Whoppers are still yummy, haven't had one in forever. Ahh, the joys of being a 35 year old agoraphobic and live 40 miles away from BK.


Yes. I had a burger king craving the other day that ended in indigestion. Completely worth the 45 seconds it took me to scarf the entire meal down though. Then there was the chinese food debacle that had similar results. Only two more months of this pregnancy, what delightful heartburn memories I'll have at the end of it...

Justice Jones

Oh no! It's probably a good thing I suppose. If you ate it and everything went well, you would probably want one everyday.


You remind me of myself! And I am soooo glad I am not the only mother on this planet who didn't eat organic tofu & seaweed during pregnancy!
You look wonderful, by-the-way.

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