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January 25, 2008



Even though she is growing up fast, at least she bothered to answer your questions in the interview! I imagine their will be a time when our daughters will not necessarily be so willing to participate in such things.

New Diva on the Blog

Happy Happy Birthday to your adorable "Mini Me"!

btw, I gave you an award today, come by and pick it up won't you?


Oh that is so heart-warming! What a sweet pea. Happy 5th Birthday Ariel! Enjoy your special day honey.

Melody from ~Pennies In My Pocket~

I absolutely adore this post! I cannot wait until my baby is old enough to be interviewed! How sweet! She is beyond beautiful!!! Happy b-day to Ariel! :)



Beth...we do have something in common, my son Justin's birthday is today as well....the interview questions were so cute...what a sweet little miss you have..Happy Birthday, Ariel!

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

Happy Birthday, Ariel!

I see your mommy Beth has already started you on the nachos.


Misty Dawn

Oh, she is absolutely beautiful and darling! Happy birthday Ariel!


Happy Birthday Ariel! And Happy Day you became a mommy Beth!


Happy Birthday Ariel!
I hope that your new earrings don't hurt too much, because they are going to look great!

Chrissy Witt

Happy Birthday Ariel!!


Happy Birthday!

so sweet, i love the interviews....


So precious!


Ugh. I can't handle this, it's too cute. TOO CUTE.


Wow! HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY! What a great age to be. Yes Red Robin is awesome, she has great taste!
What a simply fabulous interview, such a little lady!


What a sweet interview! Let us know how she does getting her ears pierced. I just got my daughters done last Saturday (I have a video of it posted on my blog) and she, in the end, got them pierced, but she cried - ALOT - like through the entire thing! :) Happy Birthday Ariel!!

Tracy F

A big happy birthday to the birthday girl. So did you get your ears pierced?

Twisted Cinderella

Happy 5th Birthday Ariel! My Princess turns six tomorrow.

Mrs. Schmitty

Happy Birthday! What a cutie!

Jenny from Chicago

Wait...wait....now I'M not your favorite interviewee? Rats.

Happy, happy birthday big girl Ariel. You are going to be the rockinest big sister in the universe, I just know it.


Beth, that IS very heartwarming! I completely understand about the bittersweet feelings. I loved the pictures of her when younger...so cute! Can I also just say I really wish my stomach looked like the mermaids. I'm just sayin!

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