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Laundry Buttons

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January 29, 2008


Michelle H

Wish you lived closer to Georgia and Lynette was my friend, too. I could use someone to clean my shower, only I'm not pregnant with twins... actually I'm not pregnant at all, I'm just lazy!!!!


I cannot believe you posted this while I was there cleaning. Stinker! But thanks for the sweet words and the wine and chocolate that I am enjoying at the moment. Now that I think of it I wish someone would come clean my shower.

Where's the other picture of Ken? You know, the one that would have to be censored!


OMG where can I buy a friend like that for chocolate & wine????


Goooooooooooooooo Lynette! You are so awesome and Beth is so lucky to have a friend like you!!!!


Please, send Lynette. I, too, need Lynette. ;o)

LA Blogger Gal

Wow, talk about a great friend. I pay someone in wine and chocolate to clean my house!

Jenny from Chicago

Lynette, put the sponge down. Whatever your going rate in wine and chocolate is, I'll double it....come to Chicago Lynette, it's not as windy as they say.


Lynette, you are beautiful, will you clean my shower too?

and what the heck were you all doing with ken?

tammy b

hey lynnette, do you do toilets? seattle isn't that rainy and we've got great vineyards here....


Wow, how lucky are you to have such an awesome friend!
Blessings to you both!

To Think is to Create

It's so rude how she just waves that gorgeous toned arm around like it ain't no thang.


What time can I expect Lynette at my house. I will be home all day waiting. You two are awesome what a great friendship. I hope you are relaxing and taking care of yourself and the precious cargo. When do we see pics of the belly???


Abs? I am thinking, "looks at those guns"! To have those arms would be great! What an awesome friend you have!

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

LOL! She really came over. That's flippin' awesome!

Yay, Lynette!

Did she bring cookie Crisp, too??


Damn, you're lucky. My friends would never ever do that -- unless maybe I was on my deathbed or something. I'm very jealous.

Great blog, though.


Here from Sincerely Anna's....

what a great friend! Man...she rocks.


I agree - look at Lynette's arms!! That girl works out!!! Must be nice to have a bod like that. Maybe she gets it from cleaning bathrooms? seriously, that is so nice!!

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