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February 01, 2008



Congrats on your "for sale!"
I think you look great...you look like one of the girls that 'doesn't even look pregnant from behind.'
I was not one of the girls.
You should eat more fried chicken!


Great. I can see it now. I come home and my wife and kids are comfortably strapped to the couch in their toilet paper shackles since we don't have chains handy. They will be pleading their helpless state and claiming the only things they can manipulate are the little bells for meal service and the remote control. Gah!!!


You have to be so happy the house is finally listed. That's great!

You look great, all baby or I should say babies.

Dawn @ Baby Addiction

I love your baby bump! It's beautiful!

Rhonda (Mimi)

Very cute profile...Hearing about all you eat, I pictured you a lot larger. You are thin..looks like all babies. Congrats on a Clean house up for sale...Hope it moves quickly for you so you don't have to clean it again.


Oh! I can't wait to go home and see your picture!!

I hear ya sista, I hear ya, I can't keep a house looking clean for more than 24 hours. I feel your pain.

Pottery barn fits your house too. I love it and I'm sure it will move off the market quickly.

I always like to make vacuuming into a game. It works.Dusting and be a game too. Dishes? No game for that, that chore just stinks all around.


Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

Congrats on putting the house up!

And Beth? You look amazing.

Misty Dawn

Oh how very exciting! You've definitely got some major events going on this year!

New Diva on the Blog

Keeping a house clean, what does that mean? I am utterly convinced that those I live with have the impression that I like cleaning ALL THE TIME, so they humor me and just keep the messes coming. (especially dishes and laundry)

You look great!


WOOOOOOOOOOOO! Show us your twins! WOOOOO!

I'd totally throw beads at you if I had any. And you were standing in front of my couch.


Hey, first time here. Very cute blog. Congrats on your babies.


You look great! I'm bigger than you as I write this.... and the only thing I'm giving birth to is the thought of stuffing my face with sushi tonight.

And I put my house on the market today too - go us!


You look beautiful as usual and I love the stretched t-shirt look on you. I say wear it as long as you can. Congrats on the house status. That is exciting news. Has it really sunk in yet? When we sold our last house it didn't sink in until I saw them putting the for sale sign up in the front yard. It hit me hard and made me sad.

To Think is to Create

We don't need your heart skipping any more beats, so just stop listening to "Bianca".

Big milestone, and it will drive you nuts trying to keep the house clean...but you are one step closer to it being sold. Awesome!

Oh and you look fabulous, I can't believe there's two little sweeties in there!


What?!?!? You did laundry too. Now you must change your blog title, what a sad, sad, day... Just kidding! good for you on getting your house listed!
Enjoy your weekend!

tammy b

love the pic!
good luck on the sale :)


Oh I just love looking at people's baby bellies!!! Keep feeling good and may you not know stress or discomfort! :D

Amy F.

I think it's hilarious that you named your realtor, Bianca. I think your belly is too cute!! I hope the kids' party goes well this weekend. You need to be utilizing that KISS philosophy, Keep It Simple, Sister!

Justice Jones

Your bump looks just right for a mommy carrying two! And go you for cleaning the house while carrying two, wow!


Congrats on getting the house listed!! I know that is such an exciting time! By the way, you look too cute! Congrats on the twins!!

Mary C

You look adorable! That's great about the house!

mommy instincts

you look fabulous. Good luck on selling the house!



You are the cutest preggo mama ever. And that's twins???? Wow....you are all belly. I swear I carried much of my pregnancy in my ass. hrmmmph.

Twisted Cinderella

You look wonderful! I love your baby bump!


I gave you an award for an Excellent Blog, just wanted you to know.

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