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February 21, 2008


Adventures In Babywearing

You can count on me to stir up some voters for you!!!!



Oh yes oh yes oh yes! I cannot wait to start voting for you! How fun!

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

I am so lobbying for you! Yay, Beth!


You my love, are meant to win.

Yeah Beth!!!!!


The new bloggy style is so you!

I can't wait to read your story & vote for ya.


You have my vote!


Adventures In Babywearing

Beth, I just read your story over at the Virtual Baby Shower voting page and I am in tears. What a great story!


Tracey R.

Of course I'll be voting for you.

I'll see if I can drum up some votes for you on Minivan Mom once the voting opens.

To Think Is To Create

Oh man, I just read your story and it made me cry too. So special, so perfect. I'm so happy for you guys!

Will totally pimp myself out for votes for you.

New Diva on the Blog

Linked to your story and voting page today, you know, to 'get out the vote'! Good luck!

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