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February 23, 2008



Ick. Sorry about your ipod. I say upgrade. I mean, if you have the chance and a total reason to do it...


All the way, baby. My next one (when I figure out a way to make mine die forever) will be the touch screen. Our daughter has one (my husband, in a moment of insanity which he continues to pay for to this very day) gave her the touch screen instead of giving her mine and giving ME the touch...can you even imagine????!!!! Anyway...it's really cool and does it all. I say go for it. You deserve it...you are carrying your husband's identical twin boys! You'll need the one handed ease of the touch screen!

To Think Is To Create

ooh the touch baby! it's everything you need without having to actually talk to a human (it's not a phone).


iPhone or iPod Touch or you'll be missing out. I'm in my daughters' room now playing Game Cube and leaving this comment from my iPhone. It's a computer in the palm of your hand. iPod Touch has Wi-fi too. You have to use them constantly or it's not healthy for them. Got an iPod ?, just ask me, I'm an addict.


Ooooooooh. You want the iPod Touch. Yes, you do. All 8 gigs of it. Mmmmmmmmm.

tammy b

i'm waiting for the day i can get my new touch. do it.
do it. do it. do it. do it. not subtle am i?


oh mo, I have to go check on my i pod. It's been in the car for months. OH NO!

Well, I hope you do go for the ipod touch!


I don't have any helpful tips on which ipod to choose because I am so tech saavy, I don't even know what the heck a gig is!! I just came to offer my condolensces ( I seriously can't even remember how to spell that word right now!) . . . I just came here to offer my support (that word I can spell!!) on the loss of your precious ipod.


CONDOLENCES . . . I looked it up! Yay Me!!


there is a choice? ummm touch. hello.


Good call on the touch! I want one of those. I read that etsy has some cool wooden cases for the iTouch. check 'em out if interested.



I have an iphone and I LOVE IT! I feel like I have a little laptop with me everywhere I go. I am happy for you! :)


um, yah... so jealous over here. Yay for you!


I want that ice cream.


I agree I want the ice cream...

and I hope you are loving your new toy too!

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