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February 04, 2008



Good for you girl, good for you. You need to stick with your terms. I am so excited you found your dream home.

Maybe you should come read my blog and get some tips on how you can get 32 hours of rest.


I hope that as soon as this realtor walk thru is over you can get some rest. You need to slow down, girl! The houses are very important, but you and the babies are worth sooooo much more.
Take it easy, would ya? ;)

Mary C

Hope you get some rest. And congrats on the early interest!

Dawn @ Baby Addiction

You've been tagged!



Good deal on saying no, your house your terms, if they really want to they'll call back. Awesome about finding your dream home!
Go and get that much needed rest...


I hope everything works out with your dream house! It's hard work getting ready to move, and you pregnant with twins....my oh my! God Bless ya, thats all I can say!!! Get some rest...

Misty Dawn

I hope you get some much needed (and much deserved) rest! You have got to be absolutely exhausted!


Heart monitor? well chicky, slow down, you don't need to be cleaning and everything else!

But I hope all goes well and you catch up on some much needed sleep.

You are sleeping for 3!!
I still can't get over it, TWINS!!!

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