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February 24, 2008


Megan (FriedOkra)

That is GREAT news about your morning sickness! Hooray for you! I hope to be right behind you, myself. And I can totally relate to what you said about, "If someone had told me ..." I guess just taking it a day at a time really is the only answer for getting through some things. Congrats and Bon Apetit, Mama! ;)


Whew! What good news! One less thing you have to worry about. Now how about nap #2????


Yeah, that is such great news. Being nauseous is one of the worst feelings, pregnant or not. Let's go out for dessert to celebrate!

Twisted Cinderella

I am glad your nausea has decided to leave you alone. That is such a relief, I completely understand. I will be 17 weeks on Wednesday.

Kelly @ Love Well

When the morning sickness ends, the pregnancy truly begins. That's how I've always felt, anyway. That nausea is the worst.

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