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Laundry Buttons

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February 22, 2008



photographic evidence.
love it

Rambling Shan

Wow...I love the fact that you documented how helpful (cough, cough) hubby has been. I'm not pregnant and I know how crazy I go when Hubby won't help...I can only imagine how you must feel.

And I understand needing to clean and lacking the desire...I can't get motivated today, either. I think I will blog some more :-)

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

I'm with you...Dave definitely helps out with the big stuff (kids' baths, trash to the curb, cleaning the litter), but doesn't seem to know where the trash can is when he's done opening his mail...

And my repeated questions of "Is this trash?" doesn't seem to clue him in that that's where it belongs...not on my counter.

Chrissy Witt

its the clutter and the "stuff" that makes both mommy and daddy crazy, but who will pick it up!!!!


I think we married the same man. No really. *lol*

Twisted Cinderella

I get it, trust me! I actually made myself a schedule to try to get this house under control. I have just been too tired to get things done.

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