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March 30, 2008



Oh. Such a bummer. Man, that really sucks. Now you have to buy all that stuff and do it all over.

Are they putting you out for the scope? Do the drugs, it's better that way.


I guess that brings new meaning to the expression...Sh*t happens.

Having done the colonoscopy thing myself, and not being able to drink the nasty stuff without throwing up right after, I can't imagine having to do it AGAIN so soon.


Mine is scheduled for April 21st.......I think.....I'm pretty sure......I now plan to triple-check that date! Thanks for the reminder, Susan (and Beth)!!


That is priceless! Note to self: When dealing with laxatives, always check the calendar!


Oh. My.

Megan (FriedOkra)

That SO sounds like something I'd do. I empathize completely, Susan. Hug hug hug.


That's so funny........but so NOT funny! How awful!!! I hope you get the date right next time!!


O holy hell that was so freaking hilarious that I about peeed in my pants.

DOH! Better luck next week.

Thanks I needed that!


wow that is really horrible. but funny.


Doesn't that just figure? It couldn't have been on a boring weekend with nothing fun going on, either. That stinks!!!

What a great selection for the "comment of the week". I look forward to seeing more!


Susan (in Arkansas) is one of my dearest friends. Would you believe this is not the most hilarious thing she has ever done!? And I am laughing so hard I'm crying.


So not funny.... but oh, yes, so funny.


Oh, nooooooooo! But that's a riot! :) Thanks for sharing that, Susan.


Oh man! Wouldn't you literally bang your head against the wall?? So horrible and yet so stinkin' funny at the same time?! Hope the second time around worked out better for her!

Great idea for weekly post, btw!


Beth, wonderful idea!
Susan, I think I would have to postpone it for a while after just having had a colon cleansing the week before!
Thanks for making me laugh my head off!

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