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March 25, 2008


Dolores Schwartz

I love reading random-ness! and I love this right here----->I do not think I am a good writer, I think I am a good blogger


This is one of my favorite posts of yours ever. I really, really loved it. Your comments about your two friends growing up without siblings is very insightful. I have two neighbors with one child each and I have wondered why they chose not to have more children. Your comments made me realize that it is not always a choice. How we can I (or we, because I think a lot of us are guilty of this) not be more aware that there is so much more going on in peoples lives than we know? Thank you for making this very valid point.

And and I think Josh is a very wise man.

Straight Shooter

"...a good blogger." Uhhh, understatement of the year in Blogland!
And I agree with you..Josh is wise, wise, wise! I am so very glad you can let go and be free!

ok, where was I

701 posts--I'm in awe. I'm on about 80. Something random: I never get headaches.

I just read through the posts since the last time I was here and just wanted to say that four weeks does not sound long at all. I don't want to sound like I'm encouraging you to do something you wish you could just stop doing b/c it's exhausting, but I certainly don't think crying hard or long after just four weeks is anything but totally understandable and justified.


Dude, you are so cool


It was so good to read these random thoughts. I loved reading them. Very insightful.
I smiled when I read, "When I was a senior in high school, I was the editor of my school newspaper." (thinking NO wonder she knows how to write so well.)
AND THEN when I read,
"I do not think I am a good writer, I think I am a good blogger.", I laughed out loud!
Beth, Beth, you are a WONDERFUL writer and a WONDERFUL blogger..and a great photographer! We all love everything you tell us about yourself!
That's why we're all here... in cyperspace... with you!
Loved the words Josh told you as well.
Now if you will excuse me, I have other postings of yours to read!
oooooooo and kudos!

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

I still have camera envy...that's a great leaf shot!


Our two oldest are 335 days apart. For one blessed month for the youngest and one torturous month for the oldest, they are the same age. While I don't remember much of the first two years after they were both born, I do love that they are so close together. They have always been friends. Total opposites (in addition to be opposite genders), but friends.


I was also the editor of my high school newspaper. Loved it! I love photography and posing shots, or invisioning shots in my mind. I think I have an "eye" for it, but I just haven't purchased the equipment to allow me to do it well.


I have a random question lol Is your sons name really Racecar???? :) I just keep wondering this over and over everytime I see you mention his name.


I love this post - you put a big sunny smile on my face on a cold snowy Canada morning! Thank you!

You are a terrific writer: you wouldn't be a great blogger if you weren't such an awesome writer.

Back to my 3rd mug of coffee (yes, it's an addiction ;) )


Beth, I loved that you opened up and spouted off some pretty awesome random bits and pieces of you.

I can't wait to see your photos when I get home. Yours are always great. They are forever making me smile because you have the ability to capture great feeling with your all your shots.

You Beth, are a great writer and a wonderful blogger. Your words that you type out are full of emotions, energy and so much more. That's what makes you great.

Now I'm off to read those archives of yours!


I'm an only child, that in itself is depressing. I was agoraphobic in 3rd and 4th grade, it's back and I rarely leave my home. Taking the kids to school is about as far from home as I get. I'm severely afraid of throwing up or vomit of any kind. It scares me to pieces.

I have a son Cody, 13 on the 3rd of April and a daughter Paige, 6. I think they are my gifts for having a lot of rotten things happen to me in childood and a few in adulthood. I treat them like they are little adults, I think because of my self confidence issues. For some people like me being an only child is traumatic. I see why you adore your siblings, it's a magical bond. I'm glad I get to see my kids being siblings, even them fighting is a joy to me, sibling joy. I wish I had some.

I won a king size Snickers bar for typing in 10th grade. All teachers should reward with chocolate.


I am a secret geek. If only I had the chance to do highschool over again I would have joined forces with all the geeks. I'd love to be the super smart one now :)

Don Mills Diva

Hi - I'm a new reader who just stumbled across your blog but I enjoyed this - 701 post?! Wow!


you are a great writer and a great blogger.

i love mcdonald's coffee, too (but i think i told you that before).


I love to fish, however I refuse to touch the fish or the bait. That's what the guys are for!

Rhonda (Mimi)

I have to end my night with watching Will & Grace...Jack & Karen crack me up!


Something about me...hmmm....

In my heart of hearts I am certain that I need to move to NYC (I live in Chicago). Not sure why, only been there once, but this I know: when I arrived, I felt like I was finally home.


Thanks for the random bits about you, but my favorite part was going back and reading Some Pig. Oh. My. God. I laughed so hard. You would almost think that I had not even seen it before. Love it!!! "Just shoot it" LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To Think Is To Create

I saw the comment from "Arianne" and did a double take. Had I commented and had no memory of it? Never seen an Arianne commenting before that wasn't me!

I love this post, and I'd love to see one of these regularly, like once a week maybe? :) Can't get enough of the random Beth.


I love your favorite posts!! They are just hilarious. Can I just tell you that I have not missed a day of your blogging in 2 weeks. (I started when I heard about Jake and James) You are my People Magazine, American Idol and my Biggest Looser (all my favorites) all rolled into 1!! You make me laugh and make my day so much better. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Beth - your random thoughts are great, but your pictures superb. What kind of camera takes those clear, intense shots? I know you have a good eye for texture,light, and content. Creative people convey emotions through all kinds of mediums. Pictures or prose.
random thought from me. I journeled my whole life, like I was on some late night talk show, so important was what I had to say. I didn't know about blogging. Maybe someone would finally HEAR me!


I'm totally with you on the summer thing and wanting to live somewhere that's warm all year round. Let's move to the south together! :-)

Softball, huh? I am the LEAST athletic person EV-AH. Swear.

there. Two more facts you probably already knew about me. ;-)


I love coffee and drink it all day long.

I do not tell many friends about my blog either. Most I have told are not interested.

I played softball and was a catcher as well.

I only have one child - by choice. I could not handle another. Very stressful. My child is not 10. I wish I would have had another for him. Not only is he sibling less, we have very few children in the neighborhood to play with, he is bullied at school and has cousins that live in another country - as well as one here, but my sister won't speak to my parents so it is hard to have a relationship.

Life is so sad sometimes.

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