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April 30, 2008



Being a girl from Indiana myself, my first question is:
1. What are your two favorite places in Indiana and why?
Second is just a question that I like to ponder:
2. If you could visit anywhere in the world where would it be? If you had to live somewhere besides the United States where would it be?


Have you read any good books lately?


Nothing serious, just trivial things and more than one. Hey, I'm nosey.

1) Fingernails polished or plain? If polished what color do you usually like to put on?

2) What are your favorite places to go on date nights to with da man? Besides Target.

3) What are your favorite photographic muses?

4) If you can name a crayon of your favorite color, what would you pick?

5) Name your all time favorite, feel good cd? You know, the one that makes you sing all the lyrics you know by heart out loud and gets you moving. Fo'shizzle?

Ok, I'll stop now.



I'm a boring question maker-upper for a web friend...hmmm...

Tell me how your blog to become so well read, when you started it, why, etc. Is that too much?

If so just tell me your all time favorite TV show and why:-)

megan sohar

Favorite movies?

Favorite type of bread? I know it seems odd, but some people have OPINIONS I'm discovering.


If there was a fire and your family was safe outside...what items would you have to go back for?


Will you have any more children?


How did you and DH meet? (forgive me if it is in your archives already)

How long were you together before #1 came along?

Do you have date nights? How often?


being put on the spot to "perform" is not my forte....but let me see...what do I want to know about Miss Beth...

If you could choose any job (besides being a mom) what would it be?


how did you become involved with Allie and FOH?

Jessie Z.

Ok Beth...It is really hard to come up with questions on the spot.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Which side of the bed do you sleep on?

Do you sleep with a blanket? sheet? or none?

Whew...I just realized they all have to do with sleeping or bed. I must be tired or something. Can't wait for your answers! =)


If you are a bit(!)of a chocoholic like me, here's a question to blow the mind....if you could only have one sort of chocolate(sweetie or bar or whatever) for the rest of your life, what would it be, and why?


Do you have any odd talents?


What age did you stop playing with Barbies?
It's a huge decision in a little girl's life to determine when it's not "cool" any more and everyone is different. I was able to extend that time a little because I had a little sister.
Also, I did your meme on my blog today!


1) Do you wearing matching pajamas?
2) Do you have a "silly" phobia?
3) If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be? (Hey, they ask it in all the job interviews I've ever gone on!)

that girl

favorite ride at Disneyland?


It is tough to come up with good questions on the spot...I have two college friends who would be great at this, they always liked to play that "Would you rather...?" game and give two outrageous choices that neither would be appealing. Anyway, here are a couple of generic boring ones...

What is your favorite sport? Sports team? Did you play any growing up or even now as an adult?

Christy M.

How many speeding tickets have you had?

Do you still sell Pampered Chef products? Why/why not?

What is your "job" you talked about in the past. I don't think you ever elaborated on it much.

What is your middle name?

Okay, that was hard!!! Can't wait to read the answers.


How do you take your McDonalds coffee?
And are you a fan of the iced coffee? (Personally, I'm not. Too sweet. Not in the same league as the perfection that is the hot coffee. With 2 creams. And 2 Splendas.)


What is your "go to" treat? Ya know, the one that you go to for a pick-me-up?


Have you ever gone on a trip to another country?

If not, what is the furthest trip you have been on?


what is your dream meal?

Besides family members who would you invite to your fantasy dinner?

Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity

Before you were a mom, what did you do? (Job wise)

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go?
Who would you take with you... hubby and kids, just hubby, friends or by yourself?

I actually got stuck in Hungry almost 2 years ago by myself. I went with hubby but we got ready to leave and I realized my passport had been stolen (ugh!) I spent 4 extra days in Budapest waiting for the embassy to open and get a temp one. Was really one of the most enjoyable times, that and the 10hr plane ride alone. No one to take to the bathroom, sleeping on your shoulder and *I* got to pick the movie to watch :)


What was it like growing up with 5 sibling?

Which of the 5 siblings are you closest with and why?

If you could met one person someday,who would it be?

What is your favorite thing to do when your kids are asleep and you have time to yourself?

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