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April 16, 2008


Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

Oh gosh, there are so many...

I think I'd really like to meet Tom Hanks, though. He seems so normal...


Oh my or my,there are alot of them, but if I had to pick one it would be Brad Pitt. I would love to just give him a hug and get a picture with him...without Angelina around of course because she is not one of my favorites.

What kind of jeans did you buy last night? Do they fit good?


tough question.

I'd have to go with Johnny Depp or Gordon Ramsay. I hear Depp is a nice guy and I want to see if Gordon Ramsay's eyes really are that blue.

Some People Call Me Mom


Maybe I could smack some sense into her.

Yay for jeans! I love jeans. Not the process of finding them, but once I have them... My unofficial uniform.

Hope the packing is going well!

Adventures In Babywearing

I don't know who I'd want to meet & hug! I do know that I'd love to have Will Ferrell over for dinner sometime.



I would have to pick Matthew McConaughey. I hear that he is a jerk but I think that he is HOT! And I would love to hear him talk...I love the way he talks!


Two words on the jeans problem.
Ralph Lauren!!
At Macy's, usually on sale for $55. They do not stretch out, they are comfy after washing and the length doesn't shrink. I wash them all the time. They rise above the muffin top but not too high. For me they are perfect. I have 4!! lol


George Clooney - Hands down! Or maybe Bono?


Tom Hanks. yep. Definitely Tom Hanks. For some intelligent conversation.
Wait, Johnny Depp. Yeah, Johnny Depp.
Oh Hell, can I add McDreamy to my list too? He's so...yum-o.

I better stop before someone reads over my shoulder and I get in trouble.

Tara R

Julia Roberts. I think she would be fun to meet. Also Morgan Freeman.


I have been to LA several times and have met several celebrities. I dated a man for years that was in the animation business and produced movies and had a saturday morning cartoon for a while. I've met..The olsen twins, Shaquille o'neal, norman Lear, Kelly Lynch, Elliot Gould, Radar from Mash just to name a few.

My boyfriend lived on Venice Beach and on any given day you can "celebrity watch". It's an interesting place, have fun!!


My celebrity (oh how I wish he were) would be Garth Brooks. I was lucky enough to go see Garth's concert when he did 9 concerts here in KC in November. I swear, I nearly started crying when he came out on stage. And it wasn't like it was the 1st time I've seen him in concert.

I'm pretty sure if I saw him in person, I would be speechless, possibly even hyperventilate. I'm a dork.


Male (which I would prefer), Patrik Dempsey, OMG that guy is yummy.

Female, Jennifer Aniston. She is so beautiful, has a classic look, and she handles all of the attention so gracefully.


David Caruso, so I could give him some acting lessons. (That was said in a sinister way while removing my sunglasses.)


guy: ben affleck
girl: reese witherspoon

i love them both and (dork-i-ly) imagine myself running into them and just instantly becoming friends...getting coffee...going shopping.


OOHH, Shemar Moore.
I just think he's sooo cute. I just want to squeeze him.


Matt Damon. Totally.


John Cusack....He's my boyfriend.


This is Christy M. posting from Lisa's house! Didn't want to change her info. . .

I would totally want to meet Robin Williams. The guy is hilarious and seems like such a nice person. LOVE him. If you see him, tell him I said hi and take his picture for me.

I would also love to meet Reese Witherspoon. Love her!

Megan (FriedOkra)

Um... James Taylor. He just feels like home to me. Or Will Smith, because I do so love to laugh, and he is FUNNY. Either one would be fine.


I would love a picture with Drew Barrymore. She has the best smile -- as if she really means it.

If I had more time with a celebrity, I would want to hang out and knit with Julia Roberts. (I think I'm the dork.)


Bono. He's so cool. And Nancy Reagan. I am know I am a total dork! And Candace Cameron. I have always loved her.

OOOO!! I totally forgot my celebrity boyfriend. The Ricker. Rick Schroeder.


Can I say one of each gender?
Sure, why not?
Girl - Jennifer Aniston - for some reason I just love her
Boy - Matt Damon - I REALLY love him... Of course there might have to be some uniformed people with badges that would have to separate the two of us. Like I said - LOVE. HIM.


Funny, I thought I knew until I read through everyone else's answers.

Julia Roberts. She just seems so normal and nice - and now that she has children, maybe we actually would have something in common.

Also, Jim Caviezel. Anyone who so passionately portrays Jesus has got to be an pretty interesting guy. I also saw/heard him read the story of the Nativity at Epcot's Candlelight Processional a few years ago and he really came across genuinely.


Hands down... Ben Stiller! I love him. And it would be kinda cool to have his parents and wife come to our luncheon meeting too. Table for 5! Well, 6... I definitely will bring my handsome hubs along!

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