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April 15, 2008



I second the yoga pants...wearing them now...mmm, so comfy, more room for Coldstone!

Try being a 16 year old, slightly overweight girl trying to wear all the too-tight, too small crap. My DD is beautiful, but boy does it maker her sad when she tries to squeeze herself into a shirt that I swear she could share with her (tiny) 5 year old sister.


Try SO jeans from Kohl's. They sell them in the junior's department. They are have a medium rise with a slight flare. Live in them! And they stretch out really nicely. Go try them on!


Don't you wish they made 1/2 sizes?!? I've got the same thing where I'm inbetween two different sizes. It's like it's from one extreme to the next! Ugghhh!! I'm on board with the spanx! I think I might have to go get some! :)


I'm with wdbdoglover above -- I like my jeans from Eddie Bauer. They're expensive, but you can often get a good sale if you can afford to wait. They have great cuts, but also, most of their styles come with a little smidgen of spandex. That allows them to fit well without restricting your movement at all -- I can still easily crawl around on the floor with my three little ones and have them bounce back to their proper shape when I stand up. Also, the spandex makes the stretch-out factor a little less, so you can shop for a more accurate size right off the bat.

I recommend!


I love Old Navy's Sweetheart jeans. I also love Gap OUTLET's curvy fit. I have no idea why the outlet ones fit different. Go try 'em.

Rhonda (Mimi)

You crack me up girl. I knew they would take them back. Every time I go in the Gap, I will think of you...


I hate shopping too. Most of the time I just ordered things online and return what doesn't fit. I have found the stores and the companies that make things that fit me and I stick with them. Spanx became my friend many many years ago. We go together like glue and paper! I hope you find some good ones that you like. I know it can cause trama and severe emotional problems for an otherwise normal person! Hang in there!

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