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Laundry Buttons

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April 14, 2008




I think I would return them. Who will know right? Have you ever tried BKE or Lucky jeans from the Buckle? They are expensive, but well worth the money. I would never buy a different brand again. The Lucky's range from like $80-$120 and the BKE's about $68-$90. They are very similar, but the BKE's are the Buckle brand and cheapier. I love both of those jeans. One word of advice...they do stretch so if they are snug in the store I would go ahead and buy them. They come in sizes like 28, 29, 30...etc.

Anyway, this is our last day in Florida...We leave for Midway tomorrow morning at 6:30 a.m. and then back to the cold. Hope you have a great Monday and hope they get your meds figured out. Just think a few more days; you will be in the sun, which is a great way to heal some of your inner self.

Talk to you soon!!!



I agree with Shantel - you should return them. I would tell the underfed Gap worker exactly what you told us - they fit in the store, and stopped fitting shortly thereafter. These (expensive) jeans have not done for you what you needed them to do, and that's false merchandising! (or something!) :o) They may make you get a store credit, but maybe trying a different style will help?
Don't keep them. Bunching under the belt is not what those jeans were designed for, either.
Don't keep them. Stand your ground! :o)


Sell them on ebay. Long and Lean jeans go really well on ebay. I love long and leans and that is where I buy mine.

Sarah M.

I would definitely at least try to return them. A friend of mine used to work at the GAP & she said they took back worn merchandise all of the time. Of course that was years ago, but if you complain enough they might just do it.

By the way, I agree 100% with everything you've ever written about jeans. Shopping for jeans (and swimsuits) is as close to a form of torture as I have ever experienced.


Gap has/had a very liberal return policy. I know they changed it a few years back. Before the change you could basically return anything with a receipt even if worn a lot. But you've worn them once and had issue. So you call before you load up the car and verify what is needed. But you just tell them its a manufactures defect. Its unacceptable. Anyway go return them.

As far as what to replace them with I have no idea.

Amy F.

If they won't let you return them, then actually wash in hot and dry them? (instead of just fluffing?)


They'll take them back. I did that with a (RED) campaign shirt. It was... shall we say... a little tight.

Watch out for jeans that have stretch. I have a pair of Gap jeans that I have to grunt and squat to get into, but 2 hours after wearing them they fit perfect. Then I don't wash them for a few days and they still fit great. I wash (and dry them) and the cycle repeats. I'm a big fan of the Gap jeans. Tommy Hillfiger makes some great ones too.


I would take them back and buy the next smaller size. On just about all of my jeans, I have to lie on the floor and shimmy them up to get them on and buttoned. By the time that I wash them, they are falling off. Why oh why does denim grow so much?!?!


I am dutch ~ do you still need to know what I would do with the jeans!?!;) I'd definitely return them!


you could return them or maybe after washing them put them in the dryer and try to shrink them a bit?? of course, we wouldn't want them to turn into "flood" pants, but still, it could work. i confess, i've done it.


Take them back.

Rhonda (Mimi)

I say return them. You won't be satisfied otherwise....I have found that the only jeans that fit me good are Tommy's. They cost more, but it is worth it to have a good fit. It's funny cause this morning I was gathering my dark clothes to put in the washer before work and my Tommy's were good and worn and I thought of you...I figured they had at least 1 more wear before washing..LOL.


It's not like you wore them nine thousand times and then decided you didn't like them. They don't fit. Return them. With a reciept, you will more than likely perfectly fine. They may ask you to do a trade for the "right" size. Try the tens on again, and sit down in them for a few minutes. If you can still breathe while doing this, they will stretch to the right size. That is my jean test. (And I LOVE long and leans. They are the greatest thing for a post baby body!)


I would return them. You wore them once. They will take them back. You may have to talk to the manager or more than one associate. I do believe that with the receipt (and most hopefully -- the tags) you will have little problem.

First timer....I adore your blog.


Return 'em. Be warned though. Gap is a PITA about returns lately. I tried to exchange something for size~still had the tags on and everything~just needed a smaller size. Nope. I had to beg for the manager who finally "went against policy" and exchanged it.

Good luck!


Return them. There is no way you should keep a pair of jeans that you will not be comfortable in - if they say no keep at them. I've worked enough retail in my life to know the person that just says "okay -thanks I tried" gets screwed (sad but true). The person that complains and yells gets what they want.
Maybe try jcrew? I buy all my pants from there (on clearance) for the length factor and love them.


I say take 'em back.


return them. they'll take them back. they prefer you NOT to wash them. talking from first hand knowledge.


FYI, to preserve your good jeans, I found this and thought of you:



Oh man, I have had this problem. I however did not return them, although I certainly should have. So, when you ask "what would I do" I can only say what I think you should do, because I wasted so much money on two pair that I could not wear and I don't want you to make the same mistake I did. I ended up giving mine away on freecycle, so someone did benefit from my ding-dongy-ness in not returning them for myself.


I had this exact same problem last November with jeans from the Gap. I wrote to their customer service department by email and complained and they said to bring in the jeans and they would exchange them for a smaller size. I'll check to see if I still have the email...

It appears that I don't otherwise I could have sent it to you. If you're concerned I would try to return them or, if you have a problem returning them at the store, get in touch with customer service and get an email saying that you can return them. I had washed mine by the time I sent the email and the letter I got back from the Gap people implied that an exchange wasn't going to be a problem.

So...I almost returned mine but, like you, I doubted the smaller size would have stretched out to be comfortable. I put the stretched out ones in the dryer a couple times and now they seem to be okay. I generally hang them to dry now unless they are at the point where they are so baggy they need a good shrinkage in the dryer. And now they are one of my favorite pairs of jeans! Good luck with yours!!


Absolutely return them!

Is there a tag that explains to purchase 2 sizes smaller even if you can't squeeze your arse into them in the dressing room? No!

Was there a tailor standing outside the dressing room to check for fit and potential stretch? No!

Is there a store policy that tells you not to move, bend, sit or kneel in your new jeans because these movements s-t-r-e-t-c-h the fabric? No!

Gotta get rid of them before you start washing them... !!!! And by the way, it seems that you must really wear a size 4 after all the stretching takes place...


return 'em! if you spent that much, they should fit like a glove.


Absolutely return them. You're only going to get SMALLER....


Take them back and exchange for the 10. I've done the very same thing and they were very gracious.

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