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April 10, 2008



When we were in LA, we took a bus tour that was available to purchase at our hotel. It took us to all the major sites as well as by some stars homes. It took most of the day, but it was a good way to see a lot without a car. Have fun!


You must try a fish taco at Wahu's. They are incredible, (though not nearly as good as mine). If you can get to Santa Monica, the Third Street Promenade and the Santa Monica Pier are lots of fun. Then go have a very expensive drink in the lobby of Loew's Santa Monica beach hotel and watch for stars. We've seen Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ted Turner and Jane Fonda. Jane's dog jumped in our car!! I think the bus tour is a terrific idea for any large city like that. You get to SIT, (perhaps carry on a cocktail)? and they really give you the highlights. Then there's the Kodak Theatre, Grumman's, on and on. Have a blast!!!!!

Amy J

1) Hollywood Sign
2) Grumman's
3) Pink's (Hot Dogs) http://www.pinkshollywood.com/
4) Topanga Canyon is a fantastic drive http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Topanga,_California
5) Santa Monica (just fun to walk on the beach)
6) Getty Museum http://www.getty.edu/museum/


In n Out Burger. They are everywhere and their burgers are great! I like to walk around Santa Monica and Pasadena is a nice place to walk around too...

Kelly @ Love Well

I second the In-n-Out suggestion. Quintessential California beach food.


I haven't been to LA often, but always try to go to Santa Monica when there. It's fun to go to the Pier (and doesn't cost anything) and I think they've recently given the Pier area a facelift (but I could be totally wrong on that one). It's fun to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And, I wholeheartedly agree with having an In 'n Out Burger.


Okay.. so we spent a week in LA after we went on a cruise for our honeymoon and didn't do a whole lot.

but FOR SURE In-n-out burger. I dont care if you have to walk 20 miles in too tight jeans without shoes.. you really have to go..

and will you do me the biggest favor ever??? Puuuulllleeeze.. go to Pink's Hot Dogs.
I see them all the time on the Food channel. And I really really [heart] hot dogs.. will you please go there for me? And take a picutre.. then post it?? And maybe eat an extra chilli cheese dog (no onions please) for me??????????

I'd love you forever.... okay.. i probably will anyway.. .but you dont know that for sure!! :)


oh my goodness we could totally eat together. even my cheeseburger has to be plain. no vegetables or condiments.

Nerd Girl

I'm originally from Southern CA. The touristy stuff we do when we go home includes:

Food - Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles, In and Out Burger, Fat Burger

People Watching - Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier, The LA Farmer's Market, Walking Hollywood Blvd.

Culture - The Getty really is fabulous, I like the Museum of Science and History - but please note, my screen name IS Nerd Girl, this may not be high on your list of things to do

And by "touristy stuff" I am in no way being condescending. My whole family does this stuff every time we're together in the LA area, and we have a ball. Have fun! Oh - make sure you check the weather forecast - it can still be pretty cool this time of year.

Lisa in California

I have to think about this one for you because there really is so much to do here. In-n-out is a good choice as is Tommys (they are known for their chili burgers..YUM!!!). You've got to visit the Getty because it is just amazing and huge. I'll think about it some more and post again later. By the way, the weather has been pretty nice here. We are starting to get into shorts weather...just slightly. The temperature has been running between 70-85 degrees. The mornings are chilly (at least what I call chilly being California born and raised), but the afternoons are beautiful.

I wish I could help you with the Disneyland thing. I'll keep my eyes open for deals. We have annual passes, but they can't be borrowed by others (they have our picture on them).

You'll have a great time and WELCOME to California!


LOL. You're cute. I have been to LA but it was forever ago. High school. Have a blast! And stay away from the sushi. (Me and you both. Bleh!)

Some People Call Me Mom

(I believe that chickadee, you and I could have some awesome plain meals together.)

I'm really surprised that no one has mentioned In-N-Out.:) If you get near a Pick Up Stix I highly recommend it.

I am (for the moment) located about an hour and a half away from L.A. If you have any questions feel free to send them my way. I am not extremely knowledgeable about L.A., but my husband is...


You HAVE to eat a Double Double Cheeseburger at In N Out Burger. You just HAVE to. (And can you FedEx one to me?) And get the milkshake, too.

Rodeo Drive is RIGHT OFF Wilshire Blvd. You know, the street where Julia Roberts gets her bling on in Pretty Woman? There's a Cheesecake Factory on Rodeo (ro-DAY-yo), too, so there's a meal right there.

There's a very interesting house on S. Swall Drive two blocks south of Wilshire. It's a witch's house, and the lawn alone is worth driving by.

If you take Wilshire west and don't stop till you see the ocean, you'll be in Santa Monica. The Santa Monica Pier is pretty fun, but mostly it's fun just to walk on the beach. If you drive north on the PCH (local talk for Pacific Coast Hwy), you'll see Malibu and Pacific Palisades where all the rich & famous live.

I second the vote for the J. Paul Getty Museum. The conceirge at the hotel can help you with tickets and tram info. The museum is GORGEOUS with stunning views.

Mann's Chinese Theatre is kind of fun but it's in a touristy, kinda worndown part of town. (That's what used to be called Graumann's Chinese Theatre, with the handprints and footprints in the cement.)

Universal Studios and City Walk are quite fun, too. Maybe you'll get interviewed by Jay Leno for his "on the street" segments.

You are going to have a blast!


One more restaurant suggestion: There's an Italian place called Miceli's (muh-CHEL-ees) near Universal Studios. (I think it's on Lankershim.) The waiters sing and perform and the food is incredible. One of the waiters is named Peter and he sings both parts to "Endless Love." Truly hilarious.


Oooohhhh, Pinks! I never have and I wanna! Will you please take a shoebox, some waxed paper and my address and send me whatever you think looks the best?? And my bad on Mann's, used to be Graumann's and I called it Grumman's. Hell, color me backwoods.


Hi...I just went to California in November for my honeymoon. We really enjoyed Santa Monica and the Ikea store...if you've never been to one then you should def go. Also, I didn't go this time, but Rodeo Drive is pretty cool like someone else mentioned. And, I know you said you are poor but we also went to the biggest outlet mall I have ever been to in my life while we were there. Its about an hour from LA but it has hundreds of stores. Its called Desert Hills Premium Outlets.

Have fun!


I have never been that far West. Well, once I was in an airport in Ontario, CA, but that's about it. Enjoy the trip. I will be hoping that you have a wonderful time. I would sure see Disney. I am a real disney freak. Of course, it's not FLORIDA, but then again, no bugs the size of water balloons.

Enjoy this, you need to be good to yourself. Photos. We want photos.

PHX Mama

Born & raised in LA (and going back this weekend!): For hamburgers, In-N-Out or FatBurger. I know everybody here wants you to go to Pinks because it's on the Food Network constantly, but really--I've been and I wouldn't go back. (And my husband & I are hot dog FREAKS.)

The Getty Museum is in two locations -- I like the one next to the 405 in West LA (WLA)(that's the one w/ the tram up the side of the mountain). The WLA Getty has lovely gardens, an excellent photography section, and the view of LA is fabulous. There is another Getty (the original) in Malibu -- they only have greek & roman antiquities there. Most posters seem to sending you to the WLA Getty and I completely agree.

You may also want to go to the Farmers' Market/The Grove at 3rd/Fairfax in LA. (If you google "Farmers Market the grove" you'll be at the correct websites.) Farmers Market has wonderful food stalls (some ethnic, some not--don't worry) and is the real deal from the 1930s and 40s. The Grove is the new attached outdoor shopping plaza -- I think they have an American Girl store there.

If you are staying near Farmers Market, you can also go to the La Brea Tar Pits on Wilshire (no dinosaurs, just wooly mammoths!). Down the street from the tar pits is the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)--I don't know what's showing there right now, but they usually have something interesting...

And if you and Brian are inclined to spend Sunday driving around, I'd recommend driving Mullholland Drive -- you can take one of the canyon roads up to Mulholland and come back down a different road -- try Sepulveda (the road that takes you to the WLA Gettty) and Laurel Canyon, or Sepulveda/Topanga Canyon. Topanga will drop you off on PCH (pacific coast highway) and you can take PCH back south to Santa Monica and Wilshire...

Have fun!!!!

PHX Mama

My bad-- you can't take Mulholland all the way to Topanga, so drive the opposite way (east) and drive Sepulveda and Laurel Canyon... Sigh -- I've been away too long!

Audrey -

My best friend from college lives in LA. Born and bred. She loves it there! I'm going to send her your post and get some ideas for you!!


Could you do Downtown disney, go to restaurant there for lunch or dinner. Get the feel without the cost. Lots of nice places to eat there, jazzy...


Okay.. that person says that Pink's sucks.. So dont waste your time..

But.but..but.. can you bring a shoe box and some wax paper and send me some In-N-Out burger?? I like the way that person thinks!!!

And I feel like a jerk for not recomending Downtowne Disney. I totally agree.. it's like free Disney land. They have the biggest disney store.. and lots of cool shops and restraunts. My husband and I kinda felt bad because we hung out there so much and had passes to Disney Land.
Downtown Disney is worth it!

Fiddledeedee (It Coulda Been Worse)

These comments are making me miss L.A. sooo much. If you're looking for a church, check out Hollywood Presbyterian Church at Gower and Franklin. That's where I was married. It's just beautiful.

I concur. Pinks Hot Dogs and In-n-Out. Also, down towards Disney at Knotts Berry Farm is an awesome down home restaurant that serves the best fried chicken in the history of fried chicken. I can't remember the name of it. Poop.

LA is casual. A great place to grab a Latte (there's a Starbucks on every corner) and just people watch. Although. Sometimes you might see a little too much!!!!

christy m.

I'm sure others have already suggested these, but I haven't had time to read all of the comments. . .

1. In and Out Burger. FO SHO. Don't miss it. As a matter of fact, don't plan to eat anywhere else. Trust me.

2. Santa Monica Pier

3. Drive up the Pacific Coast Hwy. Breathtaking.

4. Chinese theatre

5. Walk of the Stars

6. Tar pits

We did LA in one day back in, oooohhhhh, 1999-ish, when we took a trip to Vegas. We were flat-ass broke then too, so most of the stuff I've listed is FREE!

Who has time to scrapbook?

Lots of great suggestions already! I used to work off of Wilshire and Santa Monica. The Getty is very close and so is the Santa Monica pier if you're on that side of Wilshire (close to the 405).

I can get you discounted tickets to Disneyland or Universal Studios (which is closer) - let me know!

Not many TV shows tape on Sundays, but if you can get in to see one, those are fun too. Price is Right is taping another Million Dollar Spectacular that week!

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