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April 13, 2008



almost to $6,000 for the team!!!

Simply amazing

christy m.

WAY TO GO!!!! Congratulations. I so wish I could be there to walk with Team James & Jake.

Adventures In Babywearing

This is wonderful! You will have an awesome walk!


Straight Shooter

Wowzers! How incrediblely fantastic! If we were closer we (the Crumb Snatchers and I) would be walking right behind you giving you our sound support. It is going to be healing for you Beth. Hard, great, healing, sad, proud, glad, teary, oh-so-glad-you-did-it-good! Keep looking up and searching for the sun!


This is such wonderful news! You know, Beth, there is a saying that goes like this: HOLD A TRUE FRIEND WITH BOTH YOUR HANDS

With the friends you have, you'll need a million hands. You touch people each day with your humanity, love, strength and compassion.



I am walking in Owensboro's March for Babies on Saturday, April 26th...the day before you. I want you to know that I will think of you, James, Jake, Lydia, and my sweet cousin Hope, every step of the way. (Your blog has convinced me that I need a Nike Pack thing to go with my IPOD Nano, thank you very much for making me spend money and that I need to stop at Cold Stone on the way home). I look forward to all the steps, and will think of you and your team on Sunday.


woohoo...GREAT work everyone!

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