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April 09, 2008



Well now that you've posted it on the internet, you can't just pretend that this didn't happen. What incredible fun to involve the whole family....but damn Apple and Nike have one sweet racket going with the gizmos. (Although I completely see the point and urgency of the gizmos)

Mari Ickes

I think the nike website thingy is so cool too! I don't use it. I have the nano (love my dixie chics to work out with), but I HATE to run. I guess I never thought of walking... I use the eliptical machine, and the nike thingy doesn't work on that. We tried it.
My husband occasionally runs, and he got the nike thing to track his runs...until it ran out of batteries too!!! We haven't replaced it yet.

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

Oh my gosh, how frustrating!

I so need a challenge...


Oh my gosh I want in on this...maybe we should start a competition. I gotto go get this nike+ thing.


Can you use any shoes or only the nike plus shoes? I think I just found my birthday request!!!

Miss Britt

That is GENIUS! (The competition, not the apple crap - my gajillion $$ iPhone is not compatible with any of my iPod devices. Even though it is "totally an iPod but BETTER". Bastards.)


I'm with you, Beth. I'm gonna do it!


I live right by the Nike World Campus. I watch the runners who work there as I drive by on my way to and from work. Close enough to exercise for me.


apple, you slay me. they have such a scam going. and i SOOO buy into it. EVERY. TIME.

this post had me practically crying with laughter. and i'm so glad that other moms have things like snoop on their ipods. maybe i'm not the only white, minivan-driving mom who has little white kids that sing along with usher.

Sarah B.

Love it, love my nike+, love your competition and enthusiasm.

Ahem. Take 'em down.


oooo i love it.
and I secretly drooled over a nano and the nike sensor this week at Target.

* and this post made me want to hug you, it just did...*


2 weeks ago my doc informed me that I HAD to get back to the exercising so I told the hubby that if I had to, he did too. I have a ipod shuffle already and was all like "Hmmm....only if you get me a shuffle too!" WHAAAA??? So I did. They were on sale too because they are replacing the 1GB with a 2GB model, but he didn't care. I think he was just glad that he didn't get a purple one. Good luck on your challenge and you can consider me one of your virtual cheerleaders.

Amy F.

I can't believe you had to drop so much money (different times) on the ipod/nike stuff. This technology is a little beyond me. I have an ipod shuffle and I barely know how to download songs onto it. I've been thinking about getting the shoes you've mentioned though...wonder if they're still on sale at Dick's?

You are so freakin' hilarious in this post. You are "bringin' it" in this entry. "I was all yoga pant'd and sports bra'd up" hahaha. Are you training for the walk? You guys have a 6-mile one, while ours is only 4. Mike keeps saying he's going to win it. :-)


First, no Snoop on my iPod, but luuurves me some Eminem. And second... damn you woman! I had to check that thing out and went out and bought me one. Then I started thinking I should have ordered two. One for me and one for the trusty husband and then I could have challenged him and smoked his ass. Check back with me in 5-7 business days to see if that thing is collecting dust.

ok, where was I

This was so funny.


If you ever need someone to walk with let me know. I'm supposed to be training for the 2-day Cancer walk that I'm doing with Jen in May. I've mostly been eating cookies. Give me a call. We'll walk...and maybe get ice cream after.

Chrissy Witt

Goooooooooooogooooooooooo girl! Get it, get that prize.........WIN!!!!

To Think Is To Create

I'd love to know where you walk, because the lack of very many sidewalks other than in the tiny neighborhoods is kinda annoying.

Megan (FriedOkra)

I should totally be doing that too. I used to walk 3 miles 5x a week. I always blame the cold, but it's plenty warm enough now. YOU GO. Keep talking about it so I'll feel embarrassed and get my bummy out there, too.


I had no idea those Nike things existed. That is really cool. I hope you kick major tail!! :D



love it.


I think the nike and the nano are gonna be on my wish list the more I think about it.

You planted the seed...

well you know what I mean...



Funny post! I'm definitely going to look into these items!! I fuhreaking H.A.T.E. walking though, but a competition would be fun.


Oh I'm excited for you!! I love walking for exercise. :)


you make me giggle, thank you.

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