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April 18, 2008



COOL....loved the pictures! How way cool is that! I didn't want to comment on every picture, so I thought I would just leave one comment here! By the way, love the HOPE street sign! How appropriate!

On another note, I love how you do the weekly comment thing, so I am kinda taking that idea. I am giving your credit for my idea on my page today! HOPE it's ok!

Sure looks like you are having a good time!


ok im jealous i want to go to Cali!!! the pics are great cant wait to see more have fun!!! :)


I love the photos and made a couple of comments.

We had a earthquake here in the midwest and felt it here in Milwaukee.

Hope you are having a great time - sure looks like it!!

Jenny from Chicago

Ummm...more pictures please. I said please so don't think of that as me trying to be the boss of you. okay?

Amy F.

Looks like you're having blast...I really want to see LA now. Isn't it weird that you missed the earthquake in Indiana because you were in California? We felt it good and strong in Lafayette, it was crazy. Enjoy your awesome getaway :-)

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