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April 12, 2008



I take several medications as well, most to combat anxiety and depression. So I feel your pain, both "oh that's a lot of medicine" and anxiety/depression-wise. AND I'm going through a period where I'm needing to adjust my medications (with my doctor's help, of course). So there's that shared pain, too.

So hang in there. It will get better. (I'm telling myself the same thing.)

As to why I didn't vote for Michael Johns? I was too busy voting for Brooke White, my hubby's favorite. And voting. And voting. And voting. But I was sad to see Michael go. :(

To Think Is To Create

I just got caught up on Idol last night, and even though I knew he was the one to leave, it was still maddening to watch. Before Kristy Lee? Seriously?

The hotness factor just majorly went down on that show.

Amy F.

Oops..I think I just left a blank comment, der. Sorry to hear your blood pressure (and thyroid, etc.) continues to give you problems. That IS a lot of meds, girl. Hey, leaving the dr's office with no tears is HUGE!

Speaking of walking, Mike needed some new shoes badly. He wears out a pair of New Balance shoes like you wouldn't believe. So, his criteria is that he doesn't want to pay more than 40 bucks. Hard to find, but he found basically the same pair he had on sale for $39.97. Well, I, on the other hand, have been longing for the Nike Air Pegasus shoes since you mentioned them. Um...$84.99 most places, on sale for $74.99 at Finish Line. He said, sure I can get them and then he won't get any (his were totally falling apart), aargh...so, obviously I did not go home with a pair of shoes today.

Oh, and Michael Johns. I was shocked! I thought he was awesome and can definitely picture him as a front man in a band. Kristi Lee Cook should have been gone weeks ago!

Megan (FriedOkra)

Minus the swearing and airdrums. Hee hee. Good one.

Yeah. Kristy Lee. Meh.


I totally meant to, er uh, woulda had I had an inkling all his other fans forgot that day.

Sorry about all your meds. I am not a nurse, but I will move in and for ice cream and compliments. As a bonus to you, I will dole out your pharmacy every morning.


I can't believe Mike (we are on a nickname basis) was kicked off. He was amazing. :(


You know, I am a nurse. And I would be happy to move in with you. Can I leave my kids at home, PLEASE?


One thing you definitely do not need is a funny med... 'cuz despite all the medications that you must take (and keep so nicely in that little pink organizer), you have the best sense of humor in the bloggy world. I mean it...!!!
Much love,


ice cream? compliments? braiding my hair?

sign me up...that's way better compensation than i get at the hospital. = )

(hope you all get the meds figured out soon!)

Rhonda (Mimi)

I have one of those med containers too, but I only take a few a day. Oh, I voted for Michael Johns 12 times the first time we could call in to vote...I'm sad to see him go too.


Thinking of you today.....Hope you have a great day!!



At least you can remember to take your meds. I was put on diabetic crap and can't remember to take them. I'm a great nurse, but suck at taking care of myself. SO yes, I will move in with you and take your b/p, set your meds up and you can feed my coldstones and do my hair.

it would be fun.


What are your kids "real" names?


Ice cream, compliments? Those are good, but the hair braiding wins. I'm not a nurse, but RRT should get me something! That way if you ever have trouble breathing...I'm your gal!
Also, How'd you get your March Of Dimes logo?


I hope you get your BP and everything else where they need to be! Taking pills is not fun but the can do amazing things when they work properly! I wish I could move in with you...I like when people mess with my hair--it's so relaxing. lol.

I didn't vote for Michael Johns either this past week and I'm sorry I didn't. I loved his accent!


Hi. It's me again. We were gone for 2 weeks to Florida and just got back today...I needed to come and check on you :) I thought of you so often, it's great to see the progress you've made. I'm sure your boys are smiling down from heaven and proud of you for the accomplishments you're making. Not crying when you left the OB office...that's huge! Glad you got some sleep too but yikes about feeling all yucky...I hope you figure out what med is causing you these side effects. Not nice and oh, so not fair! Anyways...just wanted you to know you're still thought about and prayed for in Michigan :)


Here's hoping you get to cut down on some of those meds soon!


I can't help with any advice regarding your medications, but I can offer you some assadvice, instead of walking on your treadmill in your basement, if you have time drive/walk to a park and get some sun on your face, smell some flowers, feel grass under your feet and see the dog walkers pass by. This morning I witnessed a hilarious pantomine of a very silly red setter try to stalk a wily squirrel, who ultimately egged on the dog before bounding to safety up a tree and blowing the dog a rasberry.

I've been doing this every day since the warmer weather has arrived and it's helping me climb out of a dark time. I don't know you and can't imagine how sad you must be, but if could I would package my morning walk and send it to you.


I'm on Atenylol and it works really well for me for my bp. Have you tried that one yet? I had problems with toprol too :( This is so much better. I don't know why we have high bp do you????? I'm also "trying" to take more supplements which is suppose to help. We'll see next week when I go to the doctor. Oh my the joys of aging. ERRRR.

Maybe you bp with your wonderful vacation.


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