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April 19, 2008



As a fellow Midwesterner (I live near Chicago), I have never been to an In and Out. But you know what? I'm now green with envy that you got to try it.


Wonder if they can send some via FedEx.


AWW, you called me smokin hot, I knew I loved you. Now I love you more.


and you still have to take us to that burger joint you know. I didn't forget.

What else, hello? a Mercedes to drive around in too? Now I'm really jealous. So stop sitting in the room and go out and see more of California. (more photos too)


I always hated that question after my losses...ugh how do you answer, do you give more info or do you just say how many kids are here on earth with you? I now say I have 5 kids, 1 on earth with us and 4 in heaven playing. That usually is good for me and totally more info than the person asking wanted! LOL...

BTW, I so need to eat at In-n-out, I've heard it rocks!

I Should Be Folding Laundry

Crooked Eyebrow, we will be leaving as soon as Brian is done with work. I should have just enough time to eat my chocolate, take a snooze and change my dirty shirt.

Amy F.

Thank you so much for sharing your pictures with us...I feel like I'm living vicariously through you. Poor Mike has heard me talk about wanting to go to LA for the past two days. Then, we watched the Nancy Drew movie with Alex (since he likes smart, pretty girls and a mystery)and it took place in LA...sigh.

I'm glad you got to In-n-Out. I wondered how it would compare to Redamak's. Crazy how you're committing a crime by taking a picture...just like at Garrett's popcorn in Chicago apparently. My mom almost got arrested there for snapping a picture, ha.

You're checking out so many of the sites. And you're driving a Mercedes...are you kidding me? You fit right in...but then again, you don't since your boys and Ariel and Racecar are on your heart tonight. Oh, and the casual conversation between strangers that can hurt so much. Who knew innocent questions and comments by nice people could be so difficult? I'm so sorry you have those moments in your days. What a strong, graceful woman you are to politely continue the interaction and not make others feel like shit (because they didn't know)--it's SO hard to do and you're amazing in your ability to do that with all you are feeling inside!

Anyway, I do hope you can enjoy the rest of your time there and try to soak that vacation in. Oh, and I hear you about the TiVo thing...we have gotten terribly impatient with live TV and watching commercials now, we're spoiled!


Oh Beth. My heart continues to break for you. And how right you are- there is way more to people than we tink we know. God bless your weary soul.

BTW- I triple heart the picture of the sign you took for me. The Mo Fo Party Band- love it! Is it possible for you to return and yank it off the wall, put it in your purse and bring it home for me? And then, if you ever make it to Texas, I can pay you for your services?!!!! Pretty please?


You can't take a picture in a burger joint? California is crazy!

And I LOVE the hot Momma's new haircut. I'm so inspired!!!


that's out of control that you can't take a picture there.

AMEN to we can never assume to know someone's whole story. you're doing great, beth. i'm proud of you for sharing a part of your authentic story. it's helping more people than you'll ever fully realize.

i KNEW that link would be redamak's! *sigh* totally cravin' that now, too. but, my hubby calls me now saying the steaks are off the grill....i'll take it. =)


When people ask how many children we have, I always say "Two. One in heaven and one with us." The thought of a baby in heaven may make some people uncomfortable, but not me. That's where our precious firstborn is, and where my heart is also.


I hope you are having a good time! Thought of you today and was hoping you were! Couldn't wait for the day to end so I could get on the computer and see any new updates!


I love in and out burger. My all time favorite gut bomb place to eat ever. When I am asked how many kids I have I say three. And leave it at that. If they ask further I say I have one son and two daughters who died. And leave it at that.

You are doing so well, I am proud of you!

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