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May 14, 2008


Minivan Mom


And thanks for answering my question. I wasn't so much irate as...persnickety? Cantankerous? I'm very relieved to hear that you have nachos correct. Now if you can get the beverage thing down, we might be getting somewhere.

Of course, if you REALLY want to be cool, you can call a water fountain a bubbler, like we do in Rhode Island.

katy (aka funny girl)

In Texas we call it all "coke". Example: "What kind of coke do you want? We have regular, diet, Sprite, Dr. Pepper..." You can even call Pepsi a coke.

Minivan Mom

Katy - THANK YOU for reminding me of that charming little quirk I have noticed here in Texas. YES. It drives us displaced Yankees nuts.

It's worse than pop. Seriously. If my husband orders a coke, he wants a COKE. Not whatever the waitress brings on a whim.

Crazy Texans.

Kelsey Smith

Interesting questions and answers!


POP. Midwestern all the way baby! Now where did that Nellie Olson go anyway? bwahahahahhaah

Sincerely Anna

Your mom's story is so cute and I loved your answers to the rest of the questions! I have to think of a really good one for Part 6,328. (your title made me laugh!)


You mom is awesome and what a great story.

It did warm my cockles of my heart.


I had to go look it up.

and it's pop...heaven forbid if someone says "soda pop". It hurts my ears.


Katy is right. It's "coke" here. Everything is coke. ;)

I love your answers. You always keep me laughing!!

Amy F.

I love this line!

But we totally drink pop. Word. And we tend to use meaningless words after saying something we believe in. Yo'.

You crack me up, woman.

Pop, all the way. That "Coke" business is messed up.


We say soda. My grandma says Pop. She's from Nebraska.


Hilarious Q&A's. One of my fav's. Oh, and it's totally pop. Even a Kentucky transplant knows that answer...even my 3 year old who asks for mee-ilk know's it's pop. Du'uh.


In California we called them soft drinks, but in Texas it's either soda or Coke. The word pop actually irritates me. A lot.


I loved your moms story!

And it's POP. Word.


Your mom is too cool!! Here in Arkansas, it's all called coke, too. Unless you need to specify that it's an RC you want with your moon pie. Then some goober clerk at the dime store with two teeth will hand you a coke in a bottle and pretend they still sell RC. Hillbillies are loving that way.


Here in So Cal, if I am offering a carbonated beverage, I specify: "What would you like to drink? I have Sprite, Diet Coke or Mountain Dew."

I'm originally from a Chicago suburb, but moved here long enough ago that "pop" didn't come with me. Fo' Shizzle


My husband and I are from the midwest and we both have always called it "pop". We recently moved to Hawaii and they call it "soda." My husband has taken up on this and it drives me nuts!! I get so mad at him, I tell him that he is not being true to his Indiana roots!! I really think that most of the time he is just doing it because it makes me mad!
Your post was too funny! I laughed out loud which I really needed after a crazy evening...thank you!

Adventures In Babywearing

Pop. And I am laughing because did you mean to say your chicken's names or children's names? I think I missed where you call your kids chickens. I love your Mom's story. I hope to meet her someday. She sounds as wonderful as you.



Soda, here, but glad to know you don't discriminate on the m&ms, they are all such cute fellas.


Pop. But here in GA, I have had to amend a bit, because they just don't get the whole "pop" thing. So sometimes I say soda just to be able to communicate because it is hard enough with the southern accents. Also, so glad to hear you like Coke over Pepsi. I can't stand Pepsi, so it is good I live in Atlanta - land of Coke products.

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

It's pop. Always has been. Always will be!

And I have to say that my brother used to make nachos out of Doritos so that subject has always been a grey area in this house.

Tru dat.


It will always be pop. I grew up in Ohio and moved to NC 12 years ago. They do the "everything is a Coke" as well and it used to drive me crazy. Everyone around me chuckles when I say pop, but I'm not going to change :)


It is definitely "Pop". I have no clue where this "Soda" word came from but it needs to go away, lol
~ FC


My hubby says pop, I say soda. My sister spent 5 years on the east coast, so I got that from her.

I love your mom's story! Hearing stories like that always make me smile.



I'm an oddball. I live in Minnesota, so should say pop, but sometime in the last year or two I started calling it soda. Strange. I know.


Pop! Duh.
I've never heard anyone here in Ohio refer to Doritos as nachos.
Your mom is as funny and cute as you are. ;-)

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