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May 25, 2008



Hope you feel better soon.


I really feel for you.

Mommy Cracked

Bless you heart! Feel better soon.


Oh that totally sucks!! I had four of my teeth pulled in the fall and was in horrible pain before then so I feel for you. Keep taking that medicine!!

Sincerely Anna

Ouch! Toothaches are the worst and things like this always seem to happen on holiday weekends. I hope you feel better very soon.


I am so sorry you have a toothache. I have dealt with some horrible tooth days before and I feel your pain. Hopefully the antibiotic will kick in quickly. When my dentist prescribed antibiotics for my tooth, he encouraged me to take two for my first dose to get them in me quickly. Just a thought. Hope you feel better VERY soon.

that girl

nothin' worse than being in your pjs, at the computer, no plans... and not being able to enjoy it one bit! try to sleep or maybe see if there's an emergency dentist? a friend's son lost a tooth in a bad way and she was able to find an on-call person somehow. sorry don't know more about that, but hope the pain lessens for you. meds!


Would it make you feel better for you to know that it snowed a little bit here this weekend and the weather has been continuously cold and sh^!!y!???

It sucks to be in such pain. I'm sorry. Hang in there.


Ouch! =( Toothaches suck a big one! LOL. I hope the Tylenol helps and that you can enjoy the "unexpected break."


Holy painful crap Beth,

Take the meds and feel better.


ugh! hope the meds are working. aren't there emergent dentists?! geez. hope you're getting pampered and waited on!

Jessica R

Well that just sucks. I had to have a root canal a few weeks ago (not saying that's the case for you!) and suffered through a weekend with excrutiating pain as well. I, however, did not see coach Riley and therefore did not have the luxury of Tylenol 3. I say drug it up and sleep on the couch. Anyone who comes for a showing can just walk around you!


That's crazy, I wonder what's going on. Out of all the doctors, there should be emergency dentists for sure.


Can you find an emergency dental clinic? I wouldn't wait until Tuesday, sounds like you have an abcess.


Hope you feel better soon. I'll be spending the holiday working 12 hours. I heard it's supposed to rain tomorrow if that's any consolation. (it made me feel a little better)


OUCH! I have done the killer toothache thing, and I say take the Tylenol 3. It just isn't worth it! The work will be there when you feel all better. Good luck at the dentist - I hope that he can get you in ASAP on Tuesday!

Megan (FriedOkra)

OH DEAR. Well, I bet the antibiotics gain some foothold overnight and that you'll have SOME relief just from that. Al just went though this same thing about 2 weeks ago and had some other manifestations of the infection that are too disgusting to write out. You might also try getting a little Orajel PM and putting it right on the gum around that tooth - he said it helped him. Feel better, man. That stinks!


Have you tried clove oil? Tastes disgusting to start with but numbs the pain amazingly - should be able to get it at drug stores. Its my miracle cure for any tooth pain!

Hope you feel better!

Kelly @ Love Well

YUCK! Hope it gets better soon.

Mrs. Schmitty

Oh you poor thing! Tootaches are the absolute worst! I hope you get some relief and fast!


Oh ouch!! That stinks. I hope you feel better soon.

Adventures In Babywearing

Oh no. Toothaches are the WORST. I hope you are better today?



OH for heavens sake, girl! I am SO sorry...sounds like a pain in the mouth. :D Ok, I know that was a lame attempt....hang in there! Pray the drugs work and you get to enjoy SOME of the holiday weekend!!! :)

Leighton aka MyBestInvest

Amazing how this stuff crops up on looonnggg weekends, isn't it?

Hope you feel better soon!


OHHHHH I know that pain. My trigeminal neuralgia feels like that, except there's no abcess. Shoots into your ear, eye, sinus, jaw. Crap, I've got to take some Dilaudid just talking about it. Remember that antibiotics are for infection...not pain, keep abreast of the pain, take your Tylenol and ibruprofen. The ibruprofen will reduce swelling and give you better long term results for relief. That and a frozen bag of veggies at the site it you can stand it. Gargling with warm salt water gives relief to the tooth too. Oh, and find a new dentist with emergency hours. My long term doc came on on a weekend once or twice for my kids when they were growing up. You may need one for future use.

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