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May 16, 2008



What a cute picture.. but he seriously looks like he's up to know good!! :)


oh my goodness, him too? I love it
I wanna play with him. Jc loves it too.

*pinch* those racecar cheeks*

and is miss ariel playing yet?

Mrs. Schmitty

I think all little boys, okay big boys too, are addicted!!


So adorable!!


My 7 year old boy is addicted too. He is already talking about Guitar Hero 4 - it's going to have a drum set.


My kids are the exact same way about that game!


Oh what a cutie!


My entire family is addicted. I bought it for my boyfriend and my teenagers (a boy and a girl) and I fell in love with it. We have all played GH1, GH2, GH:80's, GH3 AND Rock Band to death ... with RockBand being our absolute family-fun favorite.

It's a blast. :)


Too cute


The Man and The Boy love guitar hero also. It's too hard for me.


Welcome to guitar hero annonymous, I welcome you to the group. click...click...click....


So cute! :)


I so want to come play with him! Hubby won't let me get it for the Wii. He's holding out in hopes I'll give in and get him a PS3 (he'll be waiting a LOOOONG time!)

Too cute!

Kelsey Smith

Thats too cute!!


oh my gosh he's darling:)

Audrey -

Matt wants to get one for William!!
Aww Beth... look at the gorgeous little face!! He resembles you so much... do people tell you that?
(OK... not that I have actually "seen" you in "person"... !)
Great photo!! Rock star in the making.

Adventures In Babywearing

What a sweetie...



Oh my gosh - how PRECIOUS.

Um . . . I mean, ROCK ON, little man! ;)

Not Just  Any Jen

So cute!


how cute... my boys are the same way i keep saying im going to try it out but still havent.


Wow.. Where did the little boy with the adorable chubby checks go? he looks so grown up..


I feel like we are totally missing out on something because we don't have this game. Don't get me wrong--my son is totally addicted to his Nintendo DS and PS2 games, but they are mostly sports related or Mario. I also blame my husband for rotting his brain with this stuff.

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