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May 02, 2008



I loved the Time Traveler's Wife also. It is being made into a movie.

Megan (FriedOkra)

I have some shoes kinda like yours. Some days I feel sassy in them, other days I feel dumpy. I guess I have shoe issues, too.


Shut up! Evita is one of your favs too.

**now singing**
"Now eva peron has every disadvantage...."

"Eva beware of the city, it's hungry and cold..."

oh man I knew I loved you!


Steel Magnolias eh? Awesome! Love that movie myself. And if I had to choose a character that most closely matches my personality it would be...

Ouiser Boudreaux


Thanks for answering my question, I like your answer AND your shoes.

Here is where RubiaLala comes from:

Rubia is "blonde" in Spanish. Which I am (blonde, not Spanish). 100% naturally blonde (don't hate).

My girlfriend gave me a nickname of "Al" when we were in college and my boyfriend (now my husband) HATED it because it's a boy name. So he flipped it around and said "Lala" instead.

Put the two together, and you've got RubiaLala, a unique name that I have yet to come across anywhere else on the world wide web, which makes creating usernames VERY easy.

Thanks for asking ME a question.

P.S. LOVE the web design for Crooked Eyebrow.


Okay, so not to have it be all about me on someone else's blog, but I totally Googled "rubialala" to see who else was out there and I found a bunch of my own stuff, including this interview on a site that I don't go to anymore and I never even knew the interview posted!

I have never Googled that name before. I thought I was bored at work, but obviously I haven't been bored enough until just now. Thanks, Beth!


I have favorite black shoes kinda sorta like those! When I wear them to work, I look like I'm Amish or a cop.

Another question: Who was your first crush?


Steel Magnolia's is the best movie. ever. Except I might change my answer after I see the SATC movie. ;) I love this famous line from Weeza: Time Marches on. And pretty soon you realize it's marching all over your face.


Tis True.

AND CE's blog looks so GOOOOOD!!!

Daily Mish Mash

Cute shoes!

I love Good Will Hunting and The Lovely Bones (favorite book so far). I can't wait for TTTW movie!

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