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May 31, 2008



Glad you had a fun evening with good friends! :)


So true - thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

I think that is one of the reasons women love SATC...the fact that everyone can identify with one of the women on the screen...

Glad you had a good night with your peeps, and that the weather didn't hinder your night out!

Tracy F

I agree that getting old does have its perks! I am so glad you enjoyed yourself last night.


I can't wait to see the movie just for the reasons you mentioned. So glad you had a wonderful time!

Tara R

so true!

Kelly @ Love Well

Amen! I love being a girl.


I saw it too (with a girlfriend) and loved it. My theater was filled with groups of women, some in either SATC-ish shoes and outfits, others, like me, in jeans and sandals. It was fun and funny and sad and extremely satisfying. What a great night.


Dear Beth,
What a beautiful post! We couldn't wait to see the movie, so we went to the Rhode Island premiere at midnight, Friday. The theater wasn't sure how many tickets would be sold... well, 500+ women (and a handful of men) showed up for the midnight show and another theater had to be opened! We smiled. We laughed. We loved the fabulousness of it all. And we cried. I cried when Samantha was feeding Carrie... that scene stole my heart. That scene tells us just how much women do step out of their own comfort zones to help each other. I have "real life" friends like that. I have friends in the blogosphere like that. Women. Aren't women wonderful!? I am so happy that you and your beautiful friends had such a "fabulous" time at SATC!
xo - Sharon
ps Dante wasn't so bad, either!


So glad you had a wonderful evening with friends - I, too, love that I get to be a woman - all incredibly complicated and simple at the same time.


estrogen and friendship are wonderful things:)


I'm going tonight! I have never seen the show. I hope I can enjoy it as much without the background.


That is very nice. I'm glad you had time with your girls.


I love this. I love getting older and learning who I am. I'm so lucky to have such amazing women to do it with.

Kansas A

I saw a quick story on the news last night about the movie. Wow, it seems to be sold out everywhere with people lined up in the streets to see it. I've never seen Sex in the City but I think maybe I should see the movie. It sure sounds like it will remind me of my 3 girlfriends... from kindergarten right through to highschool and beyond we were always together. Unfortunately one of them passed away just one week past her 40th birthday, three years ago now....


I have to wait for it to come out on DVD, but can't wait to see SATC.

I am glad you had such a great time being a girl last night, it can be such a blast!


You are so right. I saw it last night too and loved it. Laughed and cried and related way too much.

Happy Bday Crooked Eyebrow


I think I might have had a dream about dante, maybe....

Thank you for the fabulous evening and for all the birthday love.

I too sat in the theater and pondered all of our struggles, losses, hardships and it made me think that there are happy endings and I loved it.

**and I so wanted to go shopping for shoes and purses after this movie**


That post felt like an interweb hug. Thanks for sharing.

Mary B

I went out with girlfriends tonight to a late matinee. It is a must see with girlfriends.
Beautiful post! It is all about the relationships.

To Think Is To Create

You describe so perfectly how it all felt. Thank you for that. It's so amazing to me how I can read your posts and feel like someone did me the favor of putting my feelings into words so I can just read them and feel understood.

I was surprised by how emotional that movie was for me, for all of us. An incredibly touching story on top of all the eye candy.

I like growing older, too, and I also like great huggers.

Adventures In Babywearing

I felt the same way- choked up and kinda hit in the face by the reality and power of us five sitting together, banded with each other, watching those girlfriends on the screen. But I don't know what you're talking about- we all (maybe if you put us together) make up one *fine* body, perfect skin, and good shoes...


Jane - Pinks & Blues

I found myself laughing AND crying during the movie! It's just as you said, realizing how amazing the women and the relationships in your life are as you watch similar relationships on the big screen really just brings it all home. I am so glad you were able to have such a fun night out!


List Mama

Amen, sister! I've never watched a single episode of SATC, but I have a feeling I would really enjoy the movie.



beautiful, beth. i whole-heartedly feel this post. i'm so happy to be a girl...and have my girls to share this wonderful, although sometimes crazy, life with.

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