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May 07, 2008



I'm going for David Cook... and I am not at all unhappy about last night's AI!


honestly...i'm not in love with any of them.

so, just for fun...let's say syesha. = )


It's got to be David Cook! It just has to be!!!

Mom to 2 Boys

I'm going to have to go with David A. But I do also LOVE David Cook. Thanks!


David A. is my guess. But I was really rootin' for dreds...


I am guessing David Cook...but I am afraid it might be Archuleta...either one is good, but I am guessing Cook!


David C. better win!


I believe all those teen girls will be texting for David A all night long and he will end up winning over Cook. Unfortunately.


It's totally going to be Archuletta. Those young girls love him, even though I personally think he looks like a doped up sheep!

Steph T.

Ah, David Cook fo'sho', dawg! :) Archie Second.

Please enter me! I could really use a makeover! :)


David Cook, and thanks for doing the giveaway. I need a blog makeover!!!


David A.

Shannon B.

If the ladies I work with (at Saint Mary's College...we aren't actually too far apart!) and I have any say David Cook will win.

Lisa in California

I don't watch the show (okay, pick yourself up off the floor and STOP LAUGHING), but I'm going to pick David A. He's my choice simply because I read on article on his controlling dad at my yahoo page this morning. I have never heard him sing nor any of the other contestants, so this really is a wild guess. Who knows...maybe I'll be right. ;-)


David Cook...I hope!

Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity

I WANT David Cook to win, but I think David A will win, only because American Idol is controlled by teenage girls with babysitting money and a cell phone...

but David Cook gets my vote.

misty wright

I want David Cook to win, but I think David A. will win.

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