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May 07, 2008



David Cook! Since Michael Johns is gone.


David Cook. :)


Okay...admitting that I don't watch American Idol (at least not this season) so no predictions here. But, I will miss reading your blog, it is a nice little highlight of my day to check in and see what funny/interesting snippet of info you have posted. Enjoy your break!

Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity

I want David Cook to win, but he won't... David A will and that's my entry

David A.


David Cook


I am going with David Cook.


David Cook all the way!

Adventures In Babywearing

David A. all the way baby.


that girl

no entry -- I just wanted to let you know I linked to this post on my blog. Hope ya' get lotsa new traffic. Love your blog. American Idol, not so much...


I'm going with David Archuletta although I think he is too young and kinda wish he would have waited a few years to do it. But I think his fan base is too huge .... he's got it in the bag.


David Cook, he's from Mo. Like me! Does this count if I've never heard him sing? I just can't get hooked on a show unless it was made before 1983, for the exception of "Mama's Family" and "Walker, Texas Ranger."


Definetly David Archuleta (not sure on the spelling). Go David.


I think Syesha will go next week and it will be between the two Davids. And, I think that David Archuleta will win it. (And not just because I'm from Utah!) I think David Cook will actually be ok with that, though, because he'll still definitely get a recording contract - but he'll have a bit more say in things - it won't be as rigid as the Idol contract. Of course, considering this is my first season watching, what do I know?

Final answer: David Archuleta


Well, I just had my blog made over but I will guess anyway and pass this on if I win. I am gonna go with David Cook. But I am probably wrong. But I WANT him to win, so there!

Kelsey Smith


Ashlee - Mama's Nest

I think David Cook is the best and should win, but I'm secretly hoping he comes in second to forgo that winner's curse. David A is just too stinking cute tho.

LA Blogger Gal

I don't watch. Never have. But I'll say David C. Oh and what the hell is up with the Ryan's hair on that photo????


Glad to see I'm not the only one who doesn't watch the show. I'm going to guess anyway since I need a new look for my blog SO badly! David Cook.


I'm guessing David A's gonna win cos it's based on votes


My heart tells me David Cook (I will attend any concert he has in the future), my brain tells me David Archuletta(I think he is fantastic for his age....and I believe ALLLL the young girls that watch the show WILL certainly vote for him). Okay, Okay, my final answer is David A.!!!

ps...There is justice in the "reality" world..Jason Castro is gone!!! whew!!


Carly..oh, I guess not! :( So, I'll take David Cook, I guess.


I think it's going to be Archuleta, who will get all weepy and then do a parade at Disneyland where thousands of screaming preteens will scramble onto his float crushing Cinderella in the process. Or something like that.

I wish David Cook would win, though.


David A. I don't watch either, but I do think he's going to win. Please, please, pick me. I hate my blog design--actually that's not accurate. My blog cannot be described as even having a design. :-)


David A. Please pick me, I desparately need some design in my blog!


David Archuleta...but I am totally guessing on this one.

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