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May 18, 2008


Tara R

Sometimes you just have to swear... I absolutely agree (and I'm a pastor's wife!). And you are more than welcome to continue your journey of grief in my opinion. I can never get sick of honest struggles. I struggle with depression and use my blog as a means of keeping my sanity and sometimes I am sure people get sick of hearing my "blues" but hey, it is MY blog and sometimes you just HAVE to let things out dammit! It really hasn't been that long since your heart shattered so give yourself time and permission to heal and vent as you need to. And I will continue to pray.

And by the way, I love your designs! You are very talented.


I'm glad you weren't in my house this morning 'cause I was using just about every cus word known to mankind. I was so mad I wanted to bust a coffee cup against the brick wall of our house. I didn't because I had my favorite cup.

SOOOOO to answer your question - yes, I think it is fine to swear.


I don't fucking mind at all friend. It's your site do what you want to with it. I myself feel like a fine F bomb today as well. If you want to escape come to my house and we can curse and cry and laugh all at the same time.

Megan (FriedOkra)

Oh! Owch! Ma delicate Suthun Ee-yas! ;) I declayah, Beth!

Okay, yeah, I swear. Well, we call it cussin'. When I really need to to make a point. Or when the vaccuum short circuits all the electricity to the West side of the house. Or when I accidentally forget to adjust the temperature on my bathwater and I step into a boiling lobster pot instead of a soothing tub of bliss.

I thought y'all did Storytellin' Mama's blog, too?


Like Megan, I also call it cussing. I've been known to do my fair share. Like when you pull the kitchen trash up out of the can and it's dripping some awful, foul smelling brown liquid. And it drips all over the floor. And so you run it out to the dumpster and stub your toe in the process. And then come back inside and discover there's a nice little pool of brown, disgusting liquid in the bottome of the trash can. Yeah, I've been known to let loose.

I never mind seeing cussing on a blog because I am a firm believer in the "it's your blog, say what you want" school of thought. And hey - you gave us a warning with your PG-13 title! Really, you talk about whatever you want to, however you want to. This is your space.

LOVE the designs! Very cute and clever work!


Unlike Megan and Megan, I don't have any good examples of when it's appropriate to use my sailor mouth. I just do it. Some of my favorite exclamations include 'son of a bitch!' and 'holy hell!' Not so much on my blog, because I think some of my audience
(read: INLAWS) might cry if they heard me speak in my native tongue.


Beth, I am so sorry that your grief continues to get the best of you from time to time, but like someone else said, all this went down not that long ago. You blog about what you want to blog about. And cuss away girlfriend! My favorite time to cuss is when I hurt myself, like when I broke my big toe last year by a huge drawer dropping on it- oh FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK was my choice of words........ and "oh hell" is another favorite : ).


I'll be the first to say that cuss words offend me. Not that I haven't had a few escape my mouth once in a while (and have my two-year-old daughter later say "Dammit" in front of my husband), but yes, I avoid swearing. I also don't watch R-rated movies or read violent or raunchy books, but hey, that's just me. I think I'll go back into my self-protective bubble now...

Deconstructing Jen

Grief takes time. And it hits you so randomly. But I have to give you full props for not being afraid of it. You tackle it head on. You stare it down until it's under control. And eventually, someday, you will manage it in a way that suits you better. Until then don't stress about us - this blog is for you.

Your blog designs look great! You are doing fantastic work. As too the swearing - I don't mind. I'm an adult, I can take it. It's real. It's you. If I don't like it I can read a different blog. But that's just me.


I swear. If it bugs people, they don't have to read. I understand it offends some - but I don't get WHY. Sometimes it's just the best way to convey the feeling.

Oh, and I love your work! I just had mine re-done, but next time...


You know it's different reading a swear word than it is hearing it spoken. I guess the inflection has something to do with it. But, I can hear your voice in my head when I do read the F-bomb, so it's all the same I suppose. Unfortunately, I have been slipping A LOT and using way too many "bombs" if you will. Stress brings that out in me.

I will never get tired or annoyed of hearing your real emotions - don't sugar coat anything for us - this is all about you and your healing. So, dish it out babe - we can and will handle it! Love you!


I love every single blog design you've done! Each one is very different...and so clean and neat. :)


I don't mind the swearing a damn bit. Every one needs the release at some point. My hubby tells me that with all the stress at work lately, I have turned into a sailor. lol

Hope today is a better day!!! But remember that letting it all out is what we are here for, your own little support team.


Swear away, sailor, it's your ship!

Oh, and could you maybe link to me every day? You have single-handedly probably tripled my cereal sex data on my newly gorgeous blog.

Finally, seriously, share as much grief and pain as you need to. What you are going through is enormous.


Dropping the F-bomb sometimes is needed...and doesn't it just make you feel SO much better???

Adventures In Babywearing

I am never offended by what I read on someone else's blog because it is THEIRS and their emotions and feelings and completely their right to say what they want to say. Better to be real than fake it.

I LOVE Is There Any Mommy Out There's design!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I love the F bomb.

It makes me feel better sometimes.

So yeah, if you type it on your blog, it shouldn't be a problem


Consider us your therapy and do whatever you have to do to keep you head above water.
I cussed for the first time on my blog the other day. I felt a little guilty, but it perfectly represented my mood at that time and I want my blog to be honest.

Oh, and I LOVE my new design!!! It totally ROCKS!


nope swearing doesnt bother me at all! looked at some of the designs they are awesome!!!


Fuck no it doesn't offend me to read swearing in a damn blog. Makes it more interesting. Shit, who ever heard of such silliness. lol


Oh Beth, your babies left this earth such a short time ago - goodness gracious, if swearing makes you feel better, then swear away!!! I think your faithful readers would rather you be genuine about where you are at and what you are you are dealing with.

And no, you're not wearing us out. We love you.


I don't mind swearing in a blog. It's your blog, you should be able to write whatever you want. If people don't want to read swearing, they don't have to read that blog!


I love all the blog-makeovers you've done! :) You're so creative! I've always wanted to be able to create things like that!

I don't mind swearing...but if it were every other word then I just probably wouldn't read the blog period. :) But again everyone has freedom to write whatever they want on their blog and everyone has the freedom to not read it.


When people misuse Jesus' name I wince. He's a friend, you know? None of the other "naughty words" faze me. (Unless they were to come out of my daughters' mouth. That would be another story.)

It's your blog. Be yourself. That's why we are here.


Gorgeous blogs! Great JOB, for real. How'd you do that spoon thing? How cute.

I liked the old title best. Swearing is a tough one. Some people I read or had read used it so casually that it was kind of gross. I myself use it to make a point, although I probably shouldn't and my husband makes an issue of it too. I don't use it at home, because my 2 year old repeats absolutely everything. I don't know. When heated, I always revert to potty mouth, but it's something I try to control. My husband hates it and we both try to do better.

Anyway, I read your blog because I think you should totally write about whatever YOU want. It's your blog. Don't worry about what anyone else thinks of what you have to say. My guess is your readers are there because of your voice, whatever it may need to be saying.

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