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May 08, 2008


Amy F.

What a beautiful post. I LOVE this post. Your honesty, humor, misfortunes, the positives that come from them, the feelings, the love. The line that Ariel said with her eyes...SO hilarious. And the Punk'd reference. But I especially enjoyed hearing about the memorable and meaningful outing you had just you, your daughter, and your little ones. So special, Beth. I hope you always cherish the memory of being locked out of your house, to continue to make lemonade, and have more and more of those peaceful moments.

I love you!


That was a beautiful post. It really makes me stop and think about the times that I have fretted when things don't go the way you expect or want them to. You made the best of a bad situation and look at the reward you received. So wonderful! I can only wish that one day I can be locked out of my house too! :)


I love this post Beth. Really. I love how you were able to turn your day around. God has funny ways of getting our attention. :)

Adventures In Babywearing

Oh my gosh this was the best. What a great
way to make your day.



What a crazy day. But what a realization. I truly believe God does those sort of things to us, in order to slow us down and make us really think. I pray that's how you feel, too! :)


What a beautiful day. Good for you for making such a wonderful memory. Did you have your camera? I'm a scrapbooker and that would be a perfect day to document.


I don't know you. I just found your blog by accident...or was it an accident? This post makes me think that maybe God had a greater plan for me finding you. You have taught me so much. You make me laugh, you make me cry, but most of all, you make me want to be better. What an awesome, amazing post! I'm glad you were locked out of your house, too. The next time I'm "locked out", I'm going to remember this post and I'm going to make lemonade! Thanks for your words, Beth.


I laughed out loud at the bike! Not that it was funny or anything. But man, was it FUNNY!

Great post. The sweetness at the end was so touching.


Thanks for sharing that experience.


awesome post!



I'm glad you got some lemonade today. It's those moments that make life, life. I lost 2 babies, much earlier than you, but no less in my heart, and seeing those magic moments make the pain a little less overwhelming.


This was the post I needed to hear right now. Seriously, Beth, thank you.


Oh, I was laughing and now I'm tearing up...lock away these treasured memories. I'm glad you posted this as not only was the first half WAY TOO FUNNY (in hind sight of course) but it reminds us moms to slow down, breathe, and enjoy the little things-turn crappy moments into unforgettable forevers. Thanks Beth!

Kelsey Smith

Thats great! Good for you!


Oh Beth what an absolutely beautiful post. Here come the tears...!

That Lemonade sure was sweet, wasn't it? ; )


I totally needed to read this tonight. I was too busy feeling sorry for myself -- and whining about myself. And I did my normal run through my blogs and read your stuff and loved it.

Totally pure. I need pure tonight.


beautiful...there just isn't much more to say. What a priceless time and memory...God truly does work in mysterious ways! May the Lord's blessings rain down on you this Mother's Day weekend!


What a beautiful post... What a beautiful way to turn a day around...


You make the BEST lemonade...


I'm goosepimply. Too often we hit speed bumps in our day to day and still don't slow down so life puts a huge pothole (or in your case a bike) in our path to force us to slow the heck down.

Great post. I feel the urge to buy a juicer...


Good for YOU! Been working on my reactions to situations like that. We were down at the lake yesterday too...just a few miles away! *wink*


What a beautiful post Beth. I admire your thinking. This is a moment you will treasure forever.


How wonderful that you turned your day around. Way to go. Ariel will remember it too.


What a beautiful day!! It is amazing to think how much we miss when we are so focused on something else! I am glad you got to enjoy your day and spend time with your boys!!! *hug*


I wonder how many times when we get "locked out" we are really being blessed and we just forget to notice....

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