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May 29, 2008



I'll see your "Wow. Just wow" and raise you a "Yum."

(Did I just type that "out loud"?)

Mendi P.

Beth- Just wanted to let you know, thanks to you mentioning Bug Bites, I have now eaten an entire box and gained 20 pounds LOL! I had never heard of them before. I enjoy (maybe that's not the right word) reading about your jouney through your grief. May you find peace through this difficult time.


And I went to see Tara's blog. How cool!

Mary B

Yeah, I really need to lose some weight too. Thinking of doing some accountability blog that's private so we can all encourage one another.
I can't wait for SATC! I'm going Saturday with girlfriends. I'll be curious to see home many guys are in the theatre!


I had a root canal in April, the procedure was fine, the pain I had afterward bit it though... i've lost 15.5 pounds since January 1, my S-I-L's and I all put 50 into a basket and the one who loses the most wins the money and the basket:) But I still have atleast another 15-20 pounds to go and I apparently need more motivation than 150 dollars!! Sad very very sad.. and that guy is hunky made my tummy tickle. Have fun at the movie.


I too am in the process of losing weight - it seems like an uphill battle most days. The last two days I have done good and plan to continue - I truly despise pictures of myself right now. Slow and steady - I have to keep those snacks out of the house and make my kids eat apples and carrots with me. I liked the idea of the private blog?? Although there are so many of us why bother making it private. More prayers for you =)


yummy! I'm going to the movie this weekend too and can't wait...


I can only think of "drop it like it's hot" right now.

not sure why.



OK, I'm eating lunch that includes french fries and totally getting your point about finding the right motivation. I can't understand why. I was totally motivated to order the french fries.

And I too will be at the SATC movie with my girlfriends tomorrow night. I can't wait. I've so missed Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte and, in a very different way, Smith!!

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

I'm going to wait to see the movie...I never watched the series so I'm a little worried that I'll have no idea what's going on.


I'm so with you on the weight thing! I would love to figure out the answers to those questions.

Can I come see SATC with you?? I'm only about a 1000 miles away. :( My friends aren't as psyched about it as I am! Thanks for the yummy eye-candy!! I'm a Mr. Big fan--he and Carrie better not break up in this movie!!


I love me some Smith!


For me, the hardest part about losing weight is the exercise. I love to exercise, but I feel guilty when I do it because it takes even MORE time away from my family. I always put others first, you know? How to get over that? I don't know. Good luck to you though, I can't wait to see your progress!


great flying "solo" material if I ever saw it.

Tara R

thanks my dear, you are very sweet :)

And I too am desperately trying to get the motivation to lose weight. Sheesh its hard work even WANTING to try.

I have a confession... I've never watched Sex in the City. Crazy eh? We didn't have a tv when we first got married and when the show started (we were too broke). Then by the time I wanted to start watching I couldn't figure out what was going on! I am considering getting the seasons videos from the library so I can figure out what is going on!


WOW is right, I would also add YUMMY

Jessie Z.

OMG! I totally feel the same way about Sex in the City. I am going to see it tomorrow by myself. I don't need someone interrupting my drooling over him if he is there. You will have to tell us what you think about the movie.


Hubba, Hubba. I love him with the short hair too :) Don't write a post with a spoiler until after the 6th because we are going to Sex in the City next weekend.


Amy M

Count me in as someone that also can't get the weight thing figured out. I can look back and think about when I was thin after I had lost weight - but then I also remember how impossible it seemed to keep it off. I have lost and regained 30 to 40 pounds so many times it's crazy. end of last year, lost 30...from december to today - I have it all back. it's such a neverending thing which makes me want to do it at all - I can avoid pictures for the rest of my life, right? My guess is that you are probably doing some emotional eating, however I might just be projecting. I've not been able how to figure out how to kick the emotional eating no matter how many books I read. Good luck to us all!!!!!


I've just caught up with all my e-mails and reading your blog since being on vacation. I loved when you wrote about your brothers. It gave me goose bumps ( and made me cry) It brings back so many memeories. I will keep him and your family in our prayers.
Now about the other blogs. Dont worry about hurting anyones feelings. Most of us cant say we know what your going through, but we all love you. You can call me anytime to cry. You know I'm great at crying. You have been there for so many of us, and we are here for you..


Yum is the perfect term. Thank you!!

I am in the same boat on the weight, and it is not easy. Such a blogable topic, yet I am terrified of sounding like a dork if I do...hmmm...

Thanks again for the eye candy!!


Beth, I don't know if it is right to send this to you, but I just saw this article, and I thought you and your readers might want to help.


That is the BEST picture of ANYONE I've EVER seen. My favorite comment and the one that is oh-so-true is from WCD - best flying "solo" material. LOL I think I'll print his picture it right now ...buh bye.


So, so hot.


Damn! That man is FINE! I feel you on the weight thing. Since your post last week I got a little motivated. All last week I made a smoothie for breakfast and usually wasn't hungry again until 3 or 4. Then I'd have a snack until early dinner.

The hard parts have been the late night. Now that I'm an at home mommy, I do most of my blogging/blog reading or catching up on Oprah and Ellen after everyone else goes to bed.

My stomach starts to growl around 11:30 and sometimes my sweet tooth totally took over (the Chocolate Caramel Trail Mix from Henry's is crack!).

I'm trying to better with snacking week. I even remembered to weigh myself and have hubby measure my waist and hips on Monday.

But I've got to say, if I see no results by next Monday, I may have to try something new. I'm hungry!

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