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May 21, 2008



This has been a difficult day. Not for any decent reason but I found it to be a difficult day. So when I blew chardonnay out of my allergy laden nose when reading this post, I considered that a very good thing. Thank you. And please feel better soon.

libby @ ninesandquines

isn't syesha AWFUL??? i ALMOST turned the channel...but definitely DID turn it to law & order for a little bit about 1/2 hour before the end of the show...didn't watch it for about 5 minutes then came back to it :-)


lol...i just finished my on-lineness for the evening, but thought i'd check back to see if you are live blogging. =)
i'm off to watch it now too. btw...your paula blah-blah-blah's were cracking me up. she is definitely a freak....what is WRONG with her?!


And George Michael looks very Robert Blake-like!!!


I just have to say that I really wanted to win your American Idol contest. So, I commented that the David A. would win (simply because I think he is the male Hannah Montana and will appeal to the teeny-boppers). I have to say, though, that I am soooo glad I lost...because it means David C. won. (I can't believe I actually care about this, BTW. Seriously, shouldn't I have more important things to worry about than which David wins? But, nevertheless, here I am glued to the tube.) Great recaps! :)


It's so nice to finally find another SEAL fan! Love him!
Now, I already know who won. We're on EST. Caution though, if you're recording it on your DVR or Tivo, the show runs long and it cuts off when Ryan says something like...And the winner of American Idol Season 7 is....David__________________That was it. My husband I just sat there laughing our butts off. I had to get on Fox to see which David won! I hope someone has a video of the results portion on YouTube or something tomorrow. I really want to see that part but atleast I know who won. If anyone finds tonight's episode online, please let me know. I don't think I can view the episode on Fox.


awww...someone told you who won. =( hilarious that dvr cuts it off exactly when it is being announced. i bet that has ticked a lot of people off.

i love brooke white. =)

and yes, amanda totally looked pissed. she did not want to be there at all.

Aimee in Port Orange

Ooh I loved Carrie's preformance too, but where is the other half of her outfit? LOL...


Carrie is wonderful, and only she could pull off that outfit.

I am glad David C won, David A bothered me.

Thank you for the wonderful post, it made my night!


Thanks for forgiving me, Beth. :( I feel like such a party pooper!


ok, seriously...

first, totally thought of you when Seal came on. LOL

secondly my F&*#$*(&#)$(&# DVR cut off RIGHT as he was saying the F$*#$&*# last name, I do not know who won.

thirdly, I thought I could come here and find the answer...SO WRONG you little tricky Beth.

I agree it was one of the best last episodes of Idol I have seen. I smiled through the whole thing...UNTIL the M&(#$*# F(&$(#&$#* thing cut off.

GGRRR, going to search online


Thank you to Aimee in your comments

WOOOOHOOOOO SO GLAD HE WON...go david go david!!!


You summed it up really well - I love this "live blogging" thing!

George Michael looked really old to me and that made me feel old. I am glad Simon apologized to David C. He was a complete ass to him last night. Oh and I guess he realized he was going to win and didn't want to look like a complete idiot.

Yay for David C. !!!


I'll go see Sex and the City with you! Your recap was way better than the horrible 2 hours they were trying to make us sit through....did they forget about TiVO?? And I love Seal, too!

Christy M

Um, were you here watching that with me? Because I think you were. I had the exact same, EXACT SAME, commentary. To myself.

Jenny Scott

Are we living in a parallel universe? I think Andrew and I had ALL of these conversations while going through our DVR'd version of Idol tonight. My only disagreement with you is Brian Adams. I love that man and love his songs. I was singing along to it all while my husband sat and rolled his eyes at me, desperate to fast forward.

How is it that I am just now getting to read your blog on a regular basis? I've been seriously missing out!! Girlfriend, we should hang out. The conversations would crack me up.

I'm so happy that Archuleta didn't win. He'll pick up a Disney contract soon. They'll want him for sure. And shoot, look at the Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana, Cheetah Girls--not that I'm a fan of any of those, but they have done just fine sticking with the teeny bopper crowd. He could make a great living with that too. Certainly is his niche. Or he would be great traveling around and singing at the nursery homes. Those old folks love him. You should hear my grandmother.

Loved the duet between Carly and Michael. What should have been final three? Carly, Michael, and David Cook. At least David Cook won.


What an AWESOME recap!! I'd go see Sex in the City with you if we lived closer! Also I want to see this new movie with Ben, RDJ and Jack Black--they totally cracked me up too. This was a great finale!

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry

Girl. You still give the best American Idol in the entire blogosphere.


Hi Beth - I was totally thinking about you tonight when Seal came on. I also totally agree that Amanda looked way pissed. We were laughing about it all night.


wow, you had some of the same thoughts, except I hated , hated the girls bit with donna summers.

so yeah, I'm in for sex in the city!


Thank you for the recap! You filled in all of the parts where 1) I fell asleep cuz it was boring; 2) I walked away cuz it was boring; 3) I turned it off cuz it was boring; 4) the rest of the house turn it off cuz it was boring.

We DID see Brooke & Who's-The-Old-Guy-Graham (my daughter's question). And when I told her, she said, "who is CSN?". Oy.

We DID see ZZ Top...Notice that David did all of their old actions cuz they're too old to do them?

we LOVED the David C guitar hero ad. Again with the daughter..."I don't get why you're laughing and thinking this is so great...what is Risky Business?". Oy.

We DID see Simon apologize to David. Clearly he already knew the results. Why else would he apologize. Simon looks even more adorable when he's apologizing!

Yay David Cook. Since Day 1 I've said it...DAVID COOK ROCKS!


I heart David Cook.

And you are so damn funny. I threw in the "damn" just for you Bethie-girl.

I have to agree with a PP, I thought this show was boring, boring, boring. My neighbor and I were cracking jokes the whole time and fast forwarding through all the boring-ness. We did stop long enough to watch Bryan Adams songs and George Michael songs- am I dating myself here? I thought Georgie-poo looked a little sickly- it was kinda sad. His song was great though.

Minivan Mom

I almost called you when Seal walked out on stage. Seriously, it was the first thing I thought of "Beth must be FLIPPING OUT".

I loved the Gladys Knight backup singers also.


Jack Black made me pee my pants. OH. MY. Bryan Adams~the love of my youth~looked about 80 and George did not look well.

Good summary!


It was a pretty good show, I think. LOVED Seal and ZZ Top! Chikezie (sp?) was sounding pretty good. I couldn't understand a word that Amanda sang. She just looked like she wanted to be anywhere but there. Couldn't follow the coreography, couldn't sing. Just not her thing, I think. Graham Nash and Brooke White were GREAT! Love that song anyway. My neice's name is Brooke White, so we were partial towards her. :-)

Great blog of the show!

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