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May 20, 2008



And have you noticed Taco Bell's new 79 cent.. 89 cent and 99 cent menu??????????????????????????
I mean.. hello.. 79 cents!! Do you remember the days when they had a 59 cent menu? When my dad would go out of town my mom would take us to Taco Bell for dinner and tell us how many 59 cent things we could each have. It was the biggest treat to us.. but as I get older I realize she did that when we were COMPLETELY out of food and she didnt have any money to go grocery shopping. She would scrounge up all the change she could find and take us both to Taco Bell and we loved it!!!
Anyway.. i guess my taco bell story didnt help much.. but it sounds really good to me right now! There are even NACHOS on the 79 cent part!! :)
In fact I have about 20 packets of mild sauce in my drawer right now at work, and i'm thinking about eating them on some saltines just so i feel like im eating taco bell..
Okay.. enough of me.. back to work..


Ahhhh! We are kindred, girl! Yesterday I had my weekly weigh-in and gained .4. So that, in case you haven't read your How to Coninuously Be On a Diet book, is license to eat. A lot. At Sonic. Then have some pizza.

Did I mention it was my first week on a program?!

So that's yesterday; today I'm weighing and measuring food.

See you at Sonic tomorrow...


I cling to the quote.... "Tomorrow is a new day!"

Enjoy the junk. Give yourself grace.


I want to come over and hang at your house. You have all the good snacks. Not the encouragement you were looking for? And your commentors?? Come on now that's just not fair. 79 cent nachos? I would have been so much better off not knowing that. I gotta go look in the couch for some change.


A niece getting married? Congrats niece!

and I had all hope of starting to eat better but then I realized that FRIDAY I had these great plans that involved food and drinks.

So, after Memorial Day I will try and be good. Maybe I'll even do a sit up or two.

But, You'd look smokin' hot a dress. So stop worrying, you are beautiful!


I can't seem to stop eating either. I like to use the excuse that I am still nursing but after stepping on the scale this morning I don't think I can use that one anymore.

Congrats to your niece!


Congrats to your niece!

I started my period this morning, too. Fortunately I don't eat a lot when I'm on my period. We won't discuss last week though. Might be the reason I don't fit into {any} of my clothes.


Are you sure we aren't the same? I have the same problem, sort of. I measure my food, look at the content of each food, and watch the portion control. I am being really good about food, but soda is KILLING ME. I need my fix and haven't found a good enough substitute yet. Know one?

I even started walking, and now my legs hurt. So...my legs hurt, I am HUNGRY and must have soda. Man I am a mess.

But, tomorrow is a new day. And remember, it takes 14 days to make a habit!

Congrats to the niece! How wonderful!

Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot

Only 3 hershey squares, that is self-control!

Jodie Brooks

Hang in there!! It takes time.....It's more helpful when other are trying to loose weight with you. I'm game!! Let's go! Um........We can start tomorrow! :)


They say alcohol is a diuretic. I'm just sayin...

Amy F.

You could really dress up the jeans, you know. Holding a bouquet alone will do wonders. A sparkly top and fancy shoes. Your hair in an up-do with something special in it...ooh, baby's breath! Pearls. A rhinestone belt. Lee Press-Ons (do they still make those?). You need a bow someplace. The possibilities are endless as you can tell. Just think about it.


libby @ ninesandquines

no coldstone?? what's the matter?

Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity

I've eaten 3, no 4 corndogs, today.

I really need to go grocery shopping....


I'm impressed at your self cotrol...seriously-3 hershey's squares??? I'm thinking 3 king size hershey's bars-what a disgrace.


I cannot believe your niece is getting married - that is so awesome! Please send her my congratulations. June 14th as in next year or as in a few weeks away?

And I always say calories don't count when you're on your period. Sounds good to me.

Bluegrass Mama

I'm still trying to lose the pregnancy weight, too. Of course, I delivered the baby in July 1985, and seem to have entered menopause, so don't even have the excuse of a period for my bad eating habits. And since I got within 2 pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight 10 years ago, I guess I can't even blame it on my son anymore. Sigh.

Rachel Chip

I gained weight over my 12 weeks of pregnancy, and even that has been a pain to get off. I am just now trying the South Beach Diet....it's tough to stick with, but I've lost 6 pounds in two days!! It's worth a try...


Seriously, Do the jeans, like Amy said. A dark rinse so they don't *look* denimy (my new word, you like?)

A nice new pair of Manolos.

I think your niece needs to rethink her bridal colors and include denim.

Megan (FriedOkra)

Cheers! I just consumed a tub of Ben & Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch icecream and I SWEAR I can now feel the butt of my jeans getting tighter by the second.


Oh man, there is nothing better than motivation to get you goin! God bless sweetie! P.S.
I just started a kickboxing class in our little city here, and its awesome if you wanna join me in losing baby weight?


Girl, I'm with you. My cousin is getting married in September, I'm the biggest one in the bridal party (5'3", 154 pounds) and I want to lose atleast another 20 by then. I've taken off 10 since January. Mine is adoption weight...put on the weight while you wait:) Either way, it's no picnic to get off, especially after 35.
Good luck!!
Try the Special K plan..it helped me with the first 10:)


I HATE the period. It makes us eat things.

P.S. I think jeans and a graphic tee is great attire for a casual summer wedding. She should totally consider it.


I'm in the same boat. My son is 5. I have no excuses anymore. As of today, I'm making power smoothies as meal replacements. I'm trying to copy the new breakfast meals from Jamba Juice. The one I made this morning wasn't thick enough but I had it around 11:30 and wasn't hungry again until 4:00.

Whether or not it's the healthiest thing I could be eating remains to be seen but since it's the snacking that kills me, anything that helps me not eat anything for almost 5 hour gets an A in my book.


are we twins?
seriously. the cookies. must stop eating cookies.

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