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May 26, 2008



Please, thank your brothers for me too. I am ever indebted to their service! God Bless America!


Thank you, Dan & Dave, and all the brave men and women who protect our freedoms!!



Kelsey Smith

Thank you to them and all our soldiers fighting for our Country!

Bluegrass Mama

Thanks to all our soldiers--and sailors. Our nephew is currently undergoing submarine training in the Navy.



This post brings tears to my eyes. I am so proud of both of your brothers, but with Dan returning to Iraq that has to be so hard on your family,especially his wife and children. I have all the love in the world for his wife because being a miltary wife has to be so hard. She will be left along with those three kids worry day by day if her husband is safe. I will be praying for them. I sure hope she has alot of support and friends to help her because I am sure she will need it. How long will he be deployed? What about Dave? Where is he now? Assuming the United States and not in the war zone?

This post was weird to read because I just hung up with my best friend's daughter who is 7 years old and Kathy is deployed right now in South America. Katelyn is such a sweet girl,whose father is not involved in her life and her mother has been deployed. She is like a daughter to me and it just breaks my heart to talk to her and listen to her telling me how much she misses her mom. They are at Camp Lejune and Katelyn and her grandpa will be returning to Indiana after school is out for the summer and Kately is so excited to come stay with me and my family for a while. She is my adopted daughter and it breaks my heart to see her without her mother.

I am so proud of all the soldiers and have the greatest amount of respect for them, their family, brothers, sisters, children and wives.

Wow...this must be a touchy subject because this is getting long so I will continue later to you via e-mail.

Thank you to all our soldiers.


Thank you Bumble Dave and Bumble Dan, and all the others making sacrifices for us. Our flag is up in support.

Megan (FriedOkra)

Yes, thank you, soldiers. Come home safe, sound and soon. Very, very soon.


Hi Beth,

I have been following your blog for awhile.First my prayers are with your family and your brothers and please thank them for me. :) Second you asked us if we knew anyone who was serving in the military in iraq right now. Well I "did" but not anymore. My cousin, who was like a brother to me served 2 tours in Iraq and the last tour he did not come home from. :( It has been a little over a year since he was killed in the line of duty and the pain still hurts, however I have much pride when I think of him as well. While personally I did not want him over there because I loved him and wanted him safe, as a proud American he was EXACTLY the kind of soldier you would want defending our country. He was so good he had two units fighting over who got to have him there to help next. :) I will never forget the day I sat at his funeral and watched his Mother and my grandmother both walk into the church on base. I have never seen two women (who were both very close to him) look so stoic, angry, sad, heartbroken, yet so proud. He also left behind a wife who was his highschool sweetheart, and a young son who I have watched struggle over the last year since he paid the price for our freedom. I know God has a plan for all of our family and especially for his wife and son, but it is definitely a test. That being said, I still am proud of him, and of all our soldiers in the military and am very thankful to all of them for giving us the freedom to do things like blog, laugh with our kids outside as the run through the sprinkler, attend school, be able to go to the grocery store whenever need be without fear. So again please thank your brothers for us. Let them know we are behind them all the way. :)



Hey Beth...were your brothers featured on a special...shoot, I can't think of what it was called. My husband was watching it one day...it was about military families and they were bringing families back together...surprises and such. Two twin brothers hadn't seen each other since just before the one was injured by a roadside bomb. No chance that was your brothers? I wish I could remember the name of that show...but there's a channel on our cable that is all about the military...which my husband likes to watch since he was in the Army.
Let me know...I would love to tell David that you are the sister of the twins! Oh, and great post. I always wish I could copy and paste your words to my blog:)


Beth, I have always thought the world of your brothers, and Dan's THIRD deployment just raises my respect that much higher. Thanks for posting what this holiday is really about, and showing how this war is very real for so many Americans.


God Bless your brother and family! Thank you for serving.

My son took part in setting up for a ceremony yesterday and a flag ceremony/parade today.

Yesterday a Vetran asked him to speak to his scoutmaster about putting flags on the gravestones in a cemetary.

We've done that in the past, and I was excited to be able to do this again - just saddened that we were asked the day before Memorial Day. The flags should have been up already.

God Bless our Country and Service Men.


My husband is currently active duty Army. He's been in for 11.5 years. It NEVER gets easier.


How you gonna make a hung over girl cry? That's not nice of you! I am an Airman's wife. For another 4 years. And probably longer!


Beth...thank you so much for this post! I am the wife of a US Navy sailor who has been deployed 3 times in the last 2 1/2 years. Its not easy but I am proud to stand watch on the homefront when duty calls for him to be away. My parents both retired from the Air Force....my love for this country and everything it stands for runs deep. My respect and admiration for each and every man and woman who serves this country in our armed forces runs even deeper! God bless your brothers for their service and i will be praying for your brother's safe return. And God bless you and your entire family...may he bring you peace and comfort and strength as you face the challenges of being the family of US Soldiers! I will never forget the sacrifices made each and every day for our freedom....Happy Memorial Day!


I have a high school buddy who served as an Army MP in Desert Storm in 90-91. She'd just finished her active duty, been home about three weeks, and her reserve unit got called up. *sigh* I thank God she got home safely then. She's no longer in the service but she and others like her are still my heroes!


Hi Beth,
I have been reading your blog for several months now.
Just wanted to share that my husband is active duty AF and have a nephew who is in boot camp with the Marines! Thankfully, my husband trains the new AF recruits and is here in the USA. We know and have known many who have been deployed and who will deploy. I am thankful everyday for those who sacrifice so much for me, my children, my family and friends. We pray nightly for those who serve overseas and here at home! Thanks for your post!!


Once agian, another great post.

I must say, that I am so very proud to work for the soldiers of the past, our veterans.

I am so very proud that we have men and women such as your brothers fighting for our country and making it possible for my family and I to live our lives.

Thank you to all.

I currently have a close cousin Nathan who is proudly surving in the United States Army in his second tour of Iraq. Each and every day I pray for him and all the other brave souls that are serving and protecting.

Happy Memorial Day everyone.


What a great post.

And, thank you for asking about our service members.

My husband is army & national guard for 18 years.
He and his brother just returned from a 22 month deployment out of state and in Afghanistan. It was, by far, the most difficult time for me personally. In spite of it, I have never been more proud of my husband! And I will do it again for our country if asked.

Thank you to your brothers and family for the continued sacrifices.

Shannon Martinez

Thank you for sharing your family with us. My brother-in-law George is Army Airborne (82nd from Frt Bragg) and has been in Iraq for nearly the last year. This deployment will hopefully be his last and he is leaving the Army. I am so grateful for all he has done but it brings home this memorial day all that much more close.

Adventures In Babywearing

I don't have anyone in my family in the service. I can't imagine if it were my brother. This was a great reminder.


Laura V.

Hi Beth. Thank you for this wonderful post.

My husband, Michael, is active duty Air Force and has been for the last 8 years. We have 2 sons (4 and 2) and a third baby due in Sept. and though we all terribly miss him when he's gone, he is doing something that I commend him so highly for. Military life is not for everyone (spouses included). It's a tough life, but totally worth it in the long run. Michael will be deploying again in December and as a previous poster said, it NEVER gets easier. I pray the best for your brothers.

Happy Memorial Day.


AMEN!! With grateful hearts we say THANK YOU to brave men such as your brothers...who sacrifice and give up their lives for our freedom and so that good and justice remain. Thank you isn't enough...we remember and we give thanks today and every day.

I don't have any family members currently in the service...I pray God's hand would cover your brothers and bring them home safe again to their loved ones. Thank you for your post!! :)

Amy M

Great post Beth! I do not support the war but I ABSOLUTELY support each and every one of our troops and am thankful that they are willing to do something that I am not, all so I can make my own choices in this country. My brother is in the Marine Corps and while he is not going to war, he will be sent to Japan for 3 years this September which means 3 years away from him family. Thankfully his wife and daughter get to go with him as he's only seen both of them a handful of times in the past 2 years. Thanks for the post and reminding me what this holiday truly is about. Much love to you and yours. P.S. Your brothers sound like amazing people - somehow I'm not surprised at all! :O)


In July of 2008 my brother in law David will be deployed to Iraq for the third time as well.

Thank you so much for speaking up. I too am fearful and angry and worried. I am saddened that we too as a family we will have to face his deployment once again.

I'd love to write to your brother overseas, please send me his address:)


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