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May 19, 2008



WOW.. am I the first one???

Ummm.. okay.. something about me..

Haven't you done this before? Because i swear i've answered this before on here..

but anyway..
My favorite food is grilled cheese sandwiches.
I can eat them for every meal every day! And I create lots of fights in restraunts when i try to order them off the kids menu.
My favorite grilled cheese sandwich is from Fuddruckers!!

Oh.. and I'm a dog person.. I'm pretty sure I love my dog more than i'll ever be able to love any of my own children (but thats still to be determined..)

That wasnt very fun was it? You were probably looking for something a lot more interesting.. like i have 14 toes.. or something right??? Well i dont.. just ten sorry!! :)

Christy C.

I am in much need of some new clothes for this summer and would LOVE to recieve the gift card. Something about me.... I am Mom to three boys and love reading your blog!


Okay...but you have to promise not to laugh.

I love the smell of my nose. Say what? Yep. My nose. Push the tip of your nose down onto your upper lip and sniff. (So maybe it's my lip???) Anyway, I don't remember when or why I ever did this - but I like it. (You totally tried it, right?!)

OMG I am so weird. When you have to type it out, it seems odd. Anyway... that's something about me.


This is a GREAT giveaway!

Something about me:
As I child I ate PB&J sandwiches EVERY single day...with grape jam! :)


I am addicted to fonts - thus I need to win so that I can be addicted to Shabby Apple clothes.

Megan (FriedOkra)

Um. My nickname when I was very little was Kermit.

I no longer respond to Kermit.




Ohh their items are DIVINE! You're right, so simple and trendy. Love it! :)

Something about me: I love crime shows, books, and movies. I think I may have missed my I calling in life. I love trying to solve the crime, before they do in the shows and movies. So, my hubby bought me the CSI video game...and now I am addicted to that. I think I need a support group.


I was trying to decide what to share... but I think I'll just say this (the pp that talked about the smell of her nose reminded me. LOL)...

I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue -- and no, I do not have to push the tip of my nose down with my finger.

So, there you have it.



i was raised in the mennonite church.

help to "rock my frock" is a must. because 23 years of no make-up, covered,uncut hair,and homemade dresses has made for a steep learning curve! my fondest hope and worst nightmare is stacey and clinton showing up on my door.


What a great giveaway!

Something about me... I love chocolate, and bananas, and strawberries. Now all I can think about is a banana split. Dangit!

Carrie Walls

Something about me....hmmmm....I'm really trying to think of something interesting - something I don't just tell anyone, but I'm at a loss.

I played volleyball and softball in college. I dye my own hair every 6 weeks. I love amusement parks. I gag at the smell of coffee. If I could talk my husband into it I would have 5 more babies!

I think there's more, but there's a start.

Hope you're having a GREAT day!


I have a mental aversion to mayonnaise. Not kidding. It goes back to a tragic (to me) story when I was 4 years old, and I absolutely CANNOT get the stuff down now. I dont even mind the taste. It's all in my head.


Hi! Something about me...

We are leaving to go on vacation in 6 days! My girls have never seen the beach and we are taking them to Gulf Shores.

I have no idea what to pack, besides the obvious, so if you know of anything, stop by and leave me a comment!



Here's a couple of things...

I love grape JAM, hate grape jelly (you brought it up...) :)

My high school graduation ceremony was held in the Ephesus, Turkey amphitheater.

My two oldest children are 11 months + 1 day apart. We are in the season right now where they are both 17. The oldest hates this time, the younger LOVES it. Their birthdays are June 6 (the older) and May 7 (the younger). She (the younger) was actually due on the older's birthday.

Our third child was born the day before my 35th birthday and my only birthday present request was for the two of us to be able to spend my birthday in the hospital without a ton of visitors. The man and the two darlings came by, dropped off balloons, gave us both hugs and kisses and told everyone else to stay away and left. BEST BIRTHDAY EVER.

Okay, can I enter the contest now? Please. I went to the Shabby Apple site and LOVED it.



Hmmm. Interesting? Well, I like to read. A lot. And I participate in 50 trillion book tours because I love to spread the word about new books.
The hubs and I are just starting Atkins, except I keep cheating because I cannot go one.single.day without a regular Coke, and it is NOT allowed. But his diet is Dr ordered, and I just need to lose the weight. Otherwise, I am by the book, LOL.
I think that is it. Pretty boring around here, LOL:)


OK.....finally delurking. I've been reading for awhile and have thought of you often in the last few months...

about me...I'm designing a tattoo for the small of my back that will have a 4 flowers in it, 1 for the birth month of each of my daughters. For some reason people tend to think I'm more conservative than I really am at heart and it will floor them when I really do get it!!


Something about me...

I grew up playing ball, not slow pitch, but fast pitch (friends don't let friends play slow pitch!!!!). I played year round, in the gym in the freezing MN winters. I grunted when I pitched, loudly. If I didn't grunt it would be a ball. My fast ball was 56 mph, and my change up dropped to 34 (Woohoo!!). I broke my thumb bunting, my nose batting and tore two ligaments sliding. The nose and ligaments were playing the same school (different times) and I still hold that grudge 14 years later. I do a little prayer every day that my daughter plays ball, but isn't a pitcher...

Now can I say enter me???

Amy F.

I don't feel interesting, so I am having a difficult time coming up with something. How about what an ideal day would look like for me? My ideal day would be me, all alone, in my CLEAN house, with a Starbucks and a really good book. Okay, now I want all of those things THIS instant and that ain't gonna happen. I also could spend hours and hours in Barnes and Noble or Borders...that would be an awesome day, too. Oh, to dream!


I do like grape jelly...but only if I'm in the mood for it..that happens about once a year. I'm the mother of four over eighteen years. I am horrible at cleaning house. That's three things, do I get three entries? LOL.

Shannon Huff

I know what I want to tell you about me.....

I am going back to school to become a nurse! I am so very very excited! My orientation is on Thursday and I can't wait! This is something that I have wanted to do for a few years and now my dream is coming true!

Oh and next week I get to go to the spa then out to dinner with my husband! He broke his leg 4 months ago and I have been taking care of the entire household while he has been recovering...so I get to go on a well needed relaxing day while he takes care of the girls! Whahooo!!!

Deconstructing Jen

Oooh a give away...some things about me...I love diet Sunkist Orange soda...I teach middle school...I'm a bookaholic...I'm a purseaholic (though I do purge these a lot so I don't keep many on hand)...I like crazy toe nail polish...I'm a leftie...that's all I can think of for now.


If I could I would live on Dale Hollow Lake for the rest of my life.. take the hubby, the kids, the dog and just disappear forever! It's lazy, crazy and wonderful..


I would love to win the Shabby Apple gift, but I checked out the website and I know I would be buying from "Shabby Baby!" I am totally addicted to shopping for my daughter, I love those little clothes!
Something about me...
I was born on my Mom's birthday (November 2nd) and I would love to try and have my next baby on the same day!


They have very lovely things. SO feminine. And some of those shoes - to.die.for!

Something about me... hmmm...
I used to work in the home decor business before my gig as a SAHM started. I love that kind of stuff. Although I have a slight "fear" of window treatments, maybe because it involved math, like the measuring and stuff.

Robin Ann

I'm new to your site, but I love a good giveaway.
I'm a yearbook teacher. More on that if you're interested. There's just not enough room. . .
My mother is an artist and has had paintbrushes around my whole life. When I was a kid, I would take her new brushes and watch her paint and rub the brush part back and forth over my lips (not get them wet, just to feel how soft they are). Now I do this with my hair, when it's long enough. I know it's really weird. Try it, though, you'll see what I mean.
Tomorrow (Tues) is my wedding anniversary (8 years) and if feels like 1! I love that guy.

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