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May 29, 2008



Dear Beth,
I feel as though I know Rachelle from your beautiful post. The month of May must be such a time of inspiration for all who know her and love her. I look forward to helping this important cause and crusade. I too have lost a precious woman to breast cancer... my cousin Cathy Holden. She died June 18, 2004 at age 43 after a courageous 5-year battle. She was the beloved mom of 3 children, a wife, daughter, sister... and the most beautiful and special cousin. Cathy's mission was one of making sure women of all ages get breast cancer screenings and mammograms. Each time I put off a mammogram, I remember Cathy scolding me, her older cousin. She had the most brilliant smile until she heard that a mammogram was overdue. You will never know how many women's lives you have saved today with your post about Rachelle... and Rachelle is most certainly smiling from heaven. Beth, you continue to do such good, such goodness...
xo - Sharon



What a sad story..She was so young and my heart breaks for that family. I will be at the walk on Sunday for closing and I will be thinking of your friend.

What a great cause!!!


Aimee in Port Orange

Wow what an eye opening post. Great Job.


What a beautiful tribute to a friend! (and a reminder to the rest of us)

Adventures In Babywearing

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful smile. What a sweet tribute to her. How special you had the chance to know her. I am so sad her time here was so short, but it sounds like she certainly rocked it while she was here.


Nancy G.

On behalf of Rachelle's family, Beth, we thank you so much for honoring her. She was told at 22 that she was too young to have a mammogram. If, she'd been granted her request, she would have had a better chance of conquering ( she preferred that word rather that surviving) breast cancer. We are "over the top" grateful and she would be, too.


A rock star indeed.
I am sorry for reading that she was denied a mammogram, but with all the help the rock star family is providing in her honor, hopefully that will never happen to another woman so she too can keep in rockin'.

Good Luck at the walk Rock star Family!


Wow. Wow. WOW. You are such a beautiful, beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing your perspective on my sister with your community. This comes at such an inspiring time as we gear up emotionally and physically for this weekend. You are a remarkable woman and friend, and I know that my sister is so touched and honored by your words and by your love. You are rock-star-status. My whole family and Rachelle's whole network of friends and loved ones is HUGGING YOU RIGHT NOW...

Ashlee - Mama's Nest

Thanks for sharing her story. This is something very close to our hearts as well. You, yourself are quite the rock star woman... always inspiring...


Now this made me cry.


Thanks, Beth. Thinking of Rachelle the Rock Star and her family...and all families who've had some one taken too soon.



Thank you for posting a story such as this. Not only does it honor the memory of a woman who sounds amazing, but it gets word out there that it can happen to anyone, at any age. Even with a family history of BC, I fought my Doc on when I should start my mammograms. I'll have my first in a few years when I turn 30.

Do you think it would be okay if I add Rachelle's name to my shirt when I walk in the Breast Cancer 3-Day in September?



That was a truly beautiful tribute. I cried the entire time I read it. I know this weekend is going to be emotional for all of us walking.
Thanks for your support!


I cried my head off reading this post. It made me want to live more like Rachelle. She seemed like the ideal person, mother, sister and friend.

What an amazing post!


I miss my friend Rachelle, every single day. Most of all, I think of her in simple celebrations. (The sunrise, the sunsets, birthdays, of course, and simple joyful things) One way to honor her of course is the support for a cure, but I honor her life by honoring mine. She was superb at recognizing the important things and celebrating them and taught that to many by her example. So when you read Beth's post and tear up as I did, wipe them away, stick your chin up, and enjoy your surroundings and your people around you. It's really not that hard. I'll miss her always, but I treasure what she gave me that cannot be taken away.


Oh, and to "Lovely"...she was totally cool, but perfect? She had a very wicked cool sense of humor.


Thank you for sharing this. We just need to wake up sometimes.

I am sad to hear of thier loss, she sounds like such an inspiration!


what an amazing post and a truly honest reminder of how much we take for granted. Thank you Beth...


My mom lost her life to Inflammatory Breast Cancer on June 03, 2002. She was 53 and had a CLEAN mammogram 10 weeks before she was DX.

While mammos are HUGE, self exams and yearly doc physical exams are just as important!!

Rachelle sounds like an awesome person!!


My boy was named after my friend Ben who died in 2003 also at the age of 33 from Pancreatic Cancer. I so understand the way you miss your friend. AND i love this post. It makes me cry in a good way. xo.

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