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May 22, 2008


Not Just  Any Jen

Love the new look!


EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.. miracle whip?? Really??
I dont know if we can be friends anymore..
That's just too yucky..

Just kidding.. I guess we can be friends again if you buy me some 89 cent nachos!! :)

but no miracle whip.. k??


Don't worry about your house. It felt like my condo took FOREVER to sell. The housing market sucks right now, but the amount of traffic you have sounds promising!

Bluegrass Mama

I prefer Miracle Whip to mayo, too, though I'll eat mayo in a pinch.


Excuse me but Miracle Whip is NOT mayonnaise! And, besides that, it is down-right funky tasting. But my family family loves it. So we have lite MW and lite mayo at our house.


When my husband and I were selling our home 3 years ago, I too got one of those calls from my realtor... "I have a couple here who are from out of town and they saw the For Sale sign and they are going back home NOW and want to see the house. In 15 minutes."


Are you high?

Apparently, yes. "They REALLY want to see the house."

OK. I had been keeping the house nice and clean, but a couple of days before we had a power outage, and a refrigerator that we had in our finished basement had not come back on. OK again. I ran to the basement to check the damage. OK. I had completely forgotten that I had a few pounds of hamburger in the freezer. And yes, it had all (as in ALL) defrosted. And yes, run into the refrigerator. And smelled like hell and then some.

Well, it was 3 years ago... so the prices of homes were pretty inflated. And this is the way I dealt with the disaster...

I pretended that I was on a game show, where if I cleaned the hamburger crap and juice and blood (OK... too graphic) in 10 minutes, I would win a half million dollars.

I was awesome! I cleaned, wiped, dry-heaved, cleaned, scrubbed, dry-heaved... and finished, trashed the towels and washed my hands all clean in 10 minutes.

I am sure you want to know if they bought the house. No. But someone else did very shortly after that... and I know it was because of my game show!!!!

Good luck, Beth. You are simply the best!!!!

xo- Sharon


I agree with Bluegrass Miracle Whip is NOT mayonnaise. I thought that before I read it, but I'll still give credit!

Congrats to all the winners! YAY them!!


What a fun post! Winners,and good readers. Yeah to all of you. You have such VERVE! I heart your new design. How do you get a ton of readers? How long did you blog before you captured the heart(S) of so many? My blog is sooooo lonely. Can we do a live Greys Anatomy post sometime? I think that would be cool.


Sorry, Hellman's Mayo is REAL mayonaise. Miracle Whip. Just Whippit. Whippit good. s'all.


Oh how I remember days of showings in 3 hours! It took us forever to sell our house 2 years ago, but we were not as smart as you and had bought first, so we had two mortgage payments for oh, like, forever. Ugh. But it will sell. Ours sold while we were in Disney World. No lie. New meaning to Happiest Place on Earth. Good luck with the showing!!


I am SO jealous of Susan!

And Miracle Whip? Come on now, that stuff is just sick. Gag me with a spoon (of Miracle Whip).


I am soooooooooo very glad I was reccomended to your blog... it is wonderful and a bright spot in my day... BTW, I like mayo and Miracle Whip...LOL


We, too, keep both Miracle Whip and Hellmann's, (REAL mayonnaise), but the Miracle Whip is for The Spouse. And I believe it's just coincidence that he's the skinniest one of the family. Anyone else out there have a history of eating mayonnaise sandwiches? Even better, a mayonnaise sandwich with two slices of homegrown tomato???NYOM!!


I like Miracle Whip and not Mayonnaise, as well. Mayonnaise is just... well... It just feels like oil and tastes like oil. yuck.


congrats to the winners!! woohooo david cook woohoo hes from blue springs mo home sweet home!!! i am home in kc right now, please pray for my dad and my family right now we are needing a miracle right now...


Being from Texas you'd think I'd like Miracle Whip seeing how every other native here does, but nope. Not me. I like the REAL deal. My hubby's fam is all about the MW though and the shock in my mouth when I asked for Mayo and didn't realize it was MW (the label was not on the jar)...Yuck! But, if I have to, I will take MW. If I have to. :)


Evidently, we are in the same boat - our house will not sell either. We had one couple come three times and last we heard they were going to the bank. We have not heard anything in a while so I assume the loan did not go through.


We have a second showing on Saturday so I will cross my fingers for you if you cross yours for ours!

Adventures In Babywearing

You are the ONLY OTHER PERSON I KNOW that likes Miracle Whip and not regular mayo. ME TOO.



Do not kiss me with Miracle Whip lips

Amy F.

Miracle Whip all the way, baby. The light MW is very good..but we keep mayo on hand for Mike who prefers that--weirdo. I will be praying that you get some good offers on your house.

Kelly @ Love Well

If it makes you feel better, our house has been on the market since November 2006.

Not a typo.


I hope the "repeat" showings are a good sign that maybe your house won't be the house that doesn't sell much longer!


Hi. I agree. Kids are wonderful. This reminds me of the book "Grow your kids intelligent and rich" by the Swiss author Andreas Stein. Very spirited advice. Excellent read.
here's a link to a preview: http://www.lulu.com/content/1523976


Hi. I agree. Kids are wonderful. This reminds me of the book "Grow your kids intelligent and rich" by the Swiss author Andreas Stein. Very spirited advice. Excellent read.
here's a link to a preview: http://www.lulu.com/content/1523976


I grew up eating Miracle Whip sandwiches!! I had no idea what REAL mayo was until I was like 16! Miracle Whip WAS our mayo! So funny!! Now I like both. And yes, I'm from Texas!

Good luck with the showing! Our house is about to go on the market..Today, hopefully!

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