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May 06, 2008



Um Do I rally have to pick hair or fingernail in my food?

Um i pick hair, easier to pull out. And well, fingers are usually dirty(for example nose pickers, non bathroom hand wahsers). SO, I'd rather not risk it and have those type of fingernails in my food. Just sayin'


NO JOKE.. my daughter found a fingernail in a certain brand named
"dough boy" crescent roll!! They were a family favorite... Not any more. YUCK


I think a hair would be easier to get over. I might even excuse it as being my own...just to make me feel better, ya know? Unless it was the short, curly kind. Cuz' well...anyway. I won't go there.


Okay.. I admit.. I have been totally guilty of commenting for popularity.. I try not to do it anymore.. but i used to A LOT!

phewww. now that that is off my chest...

probably a hair. but both are totally freakin disgusting...


definitely a hair. i could get over that. but, as someone else already said, with fingernails you have to worry about bathroom germs. oh gosh i must go throw up now.


Don't be upset about missing Idol tonight -- it was downright PAINFUL to watch. Jason Castro will most likely get kicked off, so you won't have to look at his girliness anymore.


absolutely love the how-you-met story. does he still have the black oxfords?
fingernails creep me out.somehow they seem so personal. kinda' like boogers. and i HAVE already found a hair. it made my stomache flop, but i can't remember what restaraunt it was at, so i guess i'm not scarred forever.

Amy F.

Okay, so many things to comment about. Emily stumped you, huh? That is a hard question. It is a cute name and she's about the cutest person you'll ever meet.

I am not a flip flop wearer, but apparently if I suck it up for one whole weekend I will be forever changed! It is the thing between the toes that would bother me. I think I worry I'd get athlete's foot there, or something. Gross.

Sorry your DVR is acting up. I have yet to watch AI, but probably will here in a sec. You really despise JC, huh? Certainly he is the least talented of the remaining few....but I think he's pretty cute and sweet.

And as far as the fingernail vs. a hair question...eww. I think I would be able to stomach seeing a fingernail in food (although I never have) better than a hair. Tough call...and a messed up question! That Heather character is keeping it interesting.

Kelsey Smith

Love the QA i really should do one on my blog:)


I don't know if it is because it is late and I am so very tired but you seriously had me laughing out loud - definitely a hair because as everyone else stated, SO much easier to get over - do people know how many germs are under those fingernails?!?!?! YUCK!

Aimee in Port Orange

Okay gross, I hate to say it but we have horrible luck in this arena. It seems like at least once per vacation someone is removing a hair from their plate during a night out. It pretty much ends my meal enjoyment. We have yet to find a fingernail and lets just hope our luck hold out. Eww how gross.

have a great night!


The very thought of finding any kind of human remnants in my food is so perfectly repulsing I could barely even get through the comment section... *shudder* both would kill me, and I'd practically have to swear off food.

I too have an open mouth chewing issue. I work with teenage boys, so sometimes it's hard to get through a meal. But thankfully they're talk of farting and gory injuries distracts me.

This being my second comment on a "strangers" blog in as many days, I kind of feel like stalker... so I hope you're ok with that :)


I love finding out more about you =) I have to agree on Jason's dread locks.....yuck! I have no experience whatsoever with them, but they turn my stomach every time I see them! I once watched a "What Not To Wear" episode where they removed a lady's dreads and gave her back her "normal" hair. She looked so much better after that!

Megan (FriedOkra)

I love Madonna and loathe all mouth noises, including chewing. And I also can't stand to hear another person floss. Or clip nails. UGH. :)


hair. That just happens, ya know, without people knowing sometimes. But....a FINGERNAIL! That has to be premeditated. Gross to both though.

Adventures In Babywearing

Fingernail. Unless it's baked in and I only find it by eating it. But hair- hair is never just sitting on top of the food- it is always intertwined and ew.

And let me just say missing AI last night was meant to be for you because it was probably the worst top 4 ever. Ew.



disgusting - I had to stop reading peoples answers or I would have serious issues eating my lunch today;) But without thinking too much about it.. I pick hair.. (gag)

Deconstructing Jen

LOL, your flip flop post sounds like deja vu to me. I used to hate them, forced myself to wear them one weekend and now it's a bad addiction! I think I have 12 pairs and if I buy one more pair dear husband may divorce me, lol.


I used to feel the same way about flip-flops. I'm still pretty particular about which ones I wear. I'm a snob and buy expensive ones that are leather so the thing between the toes is more comfortable.


I only read a handful of blogs so I had no idea that you could comment for popularity? Anywho..thanks for all the answers, this has been very interesting...I had no idea that you never graduated college, I didn't and I really don't regret it either. Oh, and I can't stand to think of finding either thing in my food but if I had to pick one it would be hair. That happened to me once and I have NEVER been back to that restaurant...it's just NASTY!!


OMG, I just returned that exact pair of flip flops because I felt like they looked too small in the back. maybe I'm just a freak! they were super comfy so I was quite conflicted on it!

Now, on to important stuff, hair or fingernail. Wow. I'm gonna go with hair. and that reminds me that I also hate to hear people file their nails or CUT them in public - like WORK!!!!


i'd definitely rather find a hair.

you didn't miss a thing on idol. and although i like jason because of his mellow sound and tone....i'm starting to get creeped out now too. he's doing this thing w/ his eyes and bobbing his head all the time now.

i detest hearing people chewing as well. it absolutely puts me in a bad mood!


I think I would have to go with a hair because then I could maybe just maybe talk myself into thinking it was really mine. I wish my DVR didn't work last night. How is the world did Jason Castro make it this far. There is something wrong with that guy or he's dipping into what Paula's taking. He was so bad last night and that hair... he's just creepy.


I actually threw up a little in my mouth. I guess I would rather have a hair in my food, preferably a long brown one (like mine)...for sure not a little curly one!

Oh and on American Idol. You didn't miss much. Syesha had a break down and sobbed like a child. David Archuletta was praised by the judges but in my opinion just wheezed through a couple of songs with his eyes closed and his right arm out. Jason Castro (yes I bet his dreads stink to high heaven) forgot about 20 words and just kind of ho hummed his way through the verse. And David Cook was pretty good but not as good as he has been. I almost wish my DVR had failed to record it.


Uggggggg the fingernail thing has made me all queasy and sick inside... I def go with the hair.... shudder....

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