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June 18, 2008



I know. I have a hard time, putting things aside and savoring the summer moments. I find myself struggling internally with sitting inside-doing chores or venturing to take the kids outside to enjoy the sunshine. When I make it out, I am always glad I did...but the times I don't or can't, I do regret. I need to be at peace where ever I am, and know I did the best I could for that moment.


I'm glad you're staying busy--it's probably best this summer. If you know that it feels right NOW (to be busy this summer), then I doubt you'll regret it later--you have to do what you have to do, right? *hugs*

Deconstructing Jen

Oh Beth. *hugs* Do what feels right to you now and it will feel right to you later. You need this right now.


Keep pressing on these months...the good news? August is coming. There is still a lot of summer left. :)

Amanda- VintageDutchGirl

Keep staying busy! If it's what you need to do. Looks like in the pictures the kiddos are happy. You sure are doing something perfectly right!


I totally understand! Sometimes being a grown up is just too hard. Take some time to do something fun!

Happy Mommy

You won't look back on this summer as the summer you missed out but rather the summer you made it through.... And thats what you need right now.


It's all such a balancing act and you seem to be doing a great job of it. Love ya!


You aren't missing out on the summer, I hope you find the perfect moments to cherish like you did today even more this summer.

You are improving yourself this summer, creating and designing, not to mention moving. You are busy, but hopefully you will look back at the summer of 2008 and feel nothing but self pride.

Katy (aka funny girl)

You looked gorgeous at the wedding. Peace, sister. Lots of Peace!!


I hope you go easy on yourself, too. One summer spent being too busy so you can heal? That is not too high a price. If you try to hide your feelings and be something you're not - they're just going to fester and explode later, causing real damage. Go easy on yourself. You're doing just fine.


Ditto to everyone else's comments. Give yourself credit and enjoy the moments with Ariel and Racecar

Megan (FriedOkra)

Oh the cousins! I love the cousin time! I wish Bean's cousins were close so I could soak them up for days on end, too. That pic of the little brigade of PB&Js - adorable. Frame it and hang it in your new kitchen - it's a keeper. (The kid picture is good too! I don't mean to imply they aren't darling!) You just do what you need to do this summer - I think you're on the right track for everyone's well-being, honestly. Hugs.

Adventures In Babywearing

Mmm... pass the blueberries please. You are totally going to look back and know you did what you had to do. That's what we're all doing, really.



It's okay. You are doing what you need to do. And you will look back, and it will be a blur, and you will know that it's okay. ((hug))


It's a good thing. The memories will still be there and you'll make it through the best you can. You're amazing.


You need to do what feels right for you now and don't worry about how you are going to feel about it later. You are doing what you need to do, and it's ok. You are a great woman, your kids are happy, and in the end that's what will matter.


you are doing what you NEED to do to get through it, you are doing your BEST...can't fault yourself for that sweetie!

To Think Is To Create

We always have to go through seasons of life that are like this...maybe not what you would have bought a ticket and signed up for, but still what's best for you none the less. I think busy is exactly what you need right now, and I'm so glad you are!


Beth...you will be able to look back onthe summer of 2008 and say, "it was okay" because you know what...YOU SURVIVED! Right now...it's all about that. Kids are resilient...they will look back and think that the summer of 2008 was just dandy. You love your children and it's evident that they love you too! They don't need fancy things, vacations, etc. to feel that they're loved...so staying home is actually OKAY! HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS! This is the best way to deal with what has happened. You're not going on vacation to "get away" but rather you're staying home and dealing with the loss of your boys. This is what YOU need to do. You will look back on this year and say...DAMN RIGHT, IT WAS A GREAT CHOICE TO STAY HOME! Hang in there! (((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))

Baby Girl Names

yes...i agree to,do what you have to do

New Diva

Sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves to be perfect. Summer is so fleeting I think that we feel if each day is not over the top fun, fun, fun, we have somehow failed. There will be moments, good moments and those are what you will remember. And if busy makes mommy feel good then that is what mommy needs to do right now.


I don't think you will ever regret staying busy. Listen to that laughter and enjoy it.

Not Just Any Jen

We moved last summer, and I missed a lot of the things I would have like d to do. But it is life and what happens. You are doing your best, and that is all you can expect. Love the pics of the sandwiches.

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