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June 13, 2008


Amy Trahan

Life sure has a way of coming full circle and making you stop to think.. Enjoy the day tomorrow and I am sure you will be beautiful in the gorgeous purple dress! Have fun with your family and make some new memories to reflect upon next time you come full circle! :o)

Megan (FriedOkra)

I hope it is a beautiful day... as beautiful as you surely will be. Congrats to your niece!


I love how you described the shades of purple with your growth as a person. :) I hope this weekend is a breath of fresh air for you.


I hope it's a wonderful weekend filled with wonderful memories with your family.
I love the color purple! :-)


God has planned this for you. He wants you to have happy memories with your family again instead of thinking...."The last time we were all together..." Have a great weekend and loads of fun. BTW, I received all of my fun stuff from Shabby Apple! They are so fabulous. Maybe post a pic of you looking so pretty in your dress???


I hope you have a wonderful happy day tomorrow that will go down in your memory forever. Enjoy the time with your family and your sibilings. I'm sure you will be spectacular in your purple dress.


What neat reflections and I love how you described them. I know tomorrow will be very special and you'll savor every moment of it. Have a wonderful weekend! Can't wait to see pictures.


I hope you have a wonderful time at the wedding tomorrow. <3

Kelly @ Love Well

I really think the fact that life goes on after - and during - deep sorrow is a blessing in disguise. It forces us to remember that we have so many other blessings. So many.

Still, I'm saying a prayer for you right now, Beth. I'll pray you enjoy tomorrow with amazing lightness in your soul.


I just love you. You are going to have a great day tomorrow and I bet you look radiant in your purple dress. :)


I'm glad you found a dress. I hope you have a blessed day. Hugs.


Hey - I'm relatively new to your blog, but wanted to know I'll be praying for you tomorrow. I lost 3 babies to miscarriage, which is a tiny glimpse of the pain you're feeling, but still hurts.
Have a joyous time at the wedding and enjoy spending time (happy time) with your family.
Robyn in Birmingham, AL


I hope your neice has a beautiful wedding. And I hope you have a wonderful time with your family.


enjoy all the wonderful moments that you and your family will have today. It looks like she picked a beautiful day.

(i am hoping that there are lots of photos!)


I know today will be a tough one for you - I'll keep you in my prayers.


Beth I am hoping you find happiness and joy in today and I am sure you will be stunning in your purple dress radiating strength... Thinking of you.

To Think Is To Create

It will be a wonderful day, making memories together. Fresh and new, but not forgetting. Hugs. Oh and take a pic or I will smack you.


Funny, I should be folding laundry too, or at least that's what my mom always tells me.
Hey, hang in there. Losing a baby, or babies has to be unimaginably hard- but you should pat yourself on the back, for steering in the right direction and not being bitter. Hang in there- it will get better


Hope you had a wonderful time at the wedding. Also, hope you took lots of pics--can't wait to see the purple dress (esp after the saga you went through at David's to find it).


Beth...all these "first" moments will be difficult. They will bring you "back". I believe it is a way to remember...to hold these little ones close. Keeping their memories alive. You will come to embrace these times...but it will take time. You will be able to smile and the tears will become less...but you'll carry this for your lifetime. And you know what...THAT'S OKAY because without it, they're gone. In a few years, you will love having this little piece inside of you because it will keep you close to J&J when the rest of the world, friends and family included, have forgotten. It happens unfortunately.
PURPLE...what a BEAUTIFUL COLOR! I hope you had a wonderful day and I can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures! I bet you looked beautiful!


I hope you post pictures of your dress!

This was a lovely and thoughtful post. You sound confident about the future, ready to embrace what comes. I hope and pray you have nothing but joy from this moment forward!

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