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June 19, 2008


Tara Chapman

I am so sorry! I don't comment often but I just said a prayer for you and your family and just wanted you to know.

Sarah M.

God bless you, Beth. We're all thinking of you & hoping & praying that your pain eases over time. You're a strong woman & I know you'll be able to make it through this. Your Angels, Jake & James, are by your side every step of the way.


I wish there were words that would make this all better. I do come by and visit, I don't usually comment, but I do always pray for you.

You don't need to be strong. Allow yourself to feel and grieve. Lay it down and let God be strong for you, He can handle it.


I'm so sorry you're going through such a difficult time right now, Beth. I just wanted you to know that my thoughts are with you and your family. Please know that there are lots and lots of people supporting you right now. I know that doesn't make anything better. I wish I could give you a big hug right now!

Adventures In Babywearing

Ugh, and this is one of those times I don't know just what to say, other than, well, we probably wouldn't believe you if you tried to tell us you were suddenly all better and your heart was glued back into one piece. I am so sorrowful and hate to see you in this suckage. Let it out. Break something if you can. Even if it's into a bag of cookies or something.



I wish there was a way to give you a huge hug! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I wish there was something I could say to make it better.


I'm still praying for you.

New Diva

I have heard that 4-6 months after a loss are actually the hardest. You still need to grieve but the rest of the world thinks you should be over it by now. You need to feel what you need to feel for as long as you need to feel it. You will heal, but let it be on your own timetable not anyone elses. Hugs and prayers.


Love and prayers coming your way! You can do this - you are amazing! Hang in the there!



Oh Beth, I'm so very sorry. I know how hard it can be and I'm sending you all the strength I can muster. Holding you James and Jake in my heart today and always.


Oh honey - sending loads of hugs and healing thoughts your way. I'm so sorry you have to go through this.

Deconstructing Jen

Oh Beth. I don't have any magic words. I just hurt for you. (((huge hugs)))


The words just aren't coming to me on what to say expect that you are always included in my prayers. It is amazing how strong us bloggers can feel the pain through your posts and how we could all just gather around you wtih big hugs and supportive words. I guess we do that in our on way in commenting.

Everyone is so differnet in the way they grieve and how long it takes to feel ready to "move" on from that grief if that is even possible. I so applaud you for your honesty and not pretending to feel ok with what is going on in your life.

My prayer for you is that you can find the bright side of life!

Love and Hugs!
Tina from MN


Oh Beth,

I wish I could carry some of this grief FOR you. If we could all take a piece and leave you feeling lighter. All I know to do is to pray for you-HARD. And I do. And I will continue to do so. Every day, I have a time when I pray (throughout the day as well) and I always focus solely on you and your family for a period. I have since I *met* you here. I don't know if it helps at all to know this, but there is a stranger out there (me) who deeply cares about the hurt you are living through. Your Loss. This seems such a part of who you are and always will be with you, as it should be, but I pray it gets lighter. I don't know how that is possible, as a mother, I cannot fathom a day I would not feel as you feel today...but I still pray that it is possible. I am thinking of you. And offering a virtual shoulder and big virtual hugs.


I am so sorry that everything is weighing so heavy on you today. There really aren't any great words that come to me to help you feel better. I am so sorry you are going through this pain, I check in on your often and wish for peace and happiness for you and your family.

libby @ ninesandquines

beth, know that you are not alone in your grief - we are all grieving with you. although it does not measure up to your grief of losing your boys, i have, too, been especially grieving this week for my father who we lost at the end of january. father's day this year and every year to come now will be so painful. i am hoping though, in time, that i will be able to make it through this week of the year with smiles instead of tears and the oh-so-puffy eyes and red nose (don't we look just gorgeous like that??? HA!). hopefully june and july (and february too) in the coming years will be like that for you also. i wish that for you. i pray that for you...


you are in my thoughts and prayers...you will get through this in your own time and that is okay. don't let the world tell you how you should feel or when you should be fine.

Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama

Sending big, big hugs your way and holding your hand...


I'm not great with words but you have my prayers.



I wish I had the right words to make things better, but since I don't, please know that I am always thinking about you, your family and those angels James and Jake. What can I do to help?? Sending you a huge hug your way and wishing I could do more.


I am so sorry for all that you have been through. I read your blog often and think of you often as well. I really wish I knew what to say. It must be so very difficult. Hugs to you. Jen


hugs and prayers


Four months really isn't that long to mend a broken heart. Remember: there is no time limit on pain or on healing. Take as long as you need...we're all here for you.


I am so, so sorry... I'm praying for you. ((HUGS))

mrs. f5

Courtesy of Minivan Mom, I've been following your blog for some time. I've not commented before because... well, what could I possibly say that might be of any help?

Honestly, I still don't know what to say.

But I did want you to know that at least one nameless, faceless stranger is reading your words, hearing your pain and grieving the loss of your two sons.

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